Biswap Details Forthcoming Plans

The team reveals an updated roadmap with a multi-reward pool on the way. Biswap is looking to keep hold of its recent buyers after enjoying a new listing on Binance.

Biswap Roadmap Update

Biswap has outlined its progress and what lies in store for its immediate future after a huge week. 

After enjoying its official listing on Binance exchange just days before, Biswap has now shone a light on its immediate plans in a roadmap update via its official website. The new targets set by the team are ambitious in scope, but the trajectory the project has been on suggests they will be on their way:

Multi-reward pool for BSW holders

New innovative Launchpad system

NFT Staking V2.0

Personal user’s dashboard

Daily tasks for users

Limit orders

Lending & Borrowing

For a broader overview of the progress the project has made, users can refer to the graphic below:


The huge rise of $BSW in recent days will no doubt have opened up Biswap’s options as they keep pushing forward and innovating. BSC News will be following closely to see whether the team can stay on track to meet the checkpoints on their exciting checklist.

What is Biswap

Biswap, as a decentralized exchange on BNB Chain, is growing in popularity due to its innovativeness. It introduced a first-of-its-kind 3-type referral scheme where users earn rewards whenever their referrals take part in farms, launch pools, or make swaps. Biswap charges 0.1% transaction fees, one of the lowest on BNB Chain. 

Want to know more about the Biswap decentralized exchange? Please visit:

Website | Whitepaper | Twitter | Github | Telegram

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