BiShares, the DAO and BSC First Index Funds

BiShares is an index fund protocol that is debuting as an original BSC project.


BiShares provides a decentralized approach to invest in a basket of diverse tokens with a single goal in mind: to provide the safest solution for crypto diversification while still exposing you to whatever risk class you want.

BiShares has a wide range of products to accommodate every investor, whether novice, intermediate, or experienced. Later, the DAO assembles the required decentralized protocols to guarantee that the community has complete authority over the allocations of the fund’s assets. In their protocol, there is no competition; rather, it is a collaborative effort to reach the BiShares goal: a completely self-governed community-led initiative to vote on how, what, where, and when all BiShare funds are produced and delivered.

BiShares Launching

Transparency and fairness are important to BiShares. Each of the genesis fund tokens will be released in a fair manner, with no presale or individual wallet ownership, a set quantity, and a mint burn on launch. The first genesis fund will have an initial ape in period capped at 2000 BNB for a two-day testing period before all subsequent genesis funds are released, but will still be available as a first-come, first served fairness buy-in. When the time constraint expires, the fund will be reopened to anybody with no maximum limit. The launch dates will be publicized in the approved social media accounts (links at the bottom) with plenty of time to make a decision.

Founder incentives will be time-locked for each fund, and the remaining tokens will be community-driven for where the expenditure happens; there will be no one to answer to, since there will be no presale or investors, and no liquidity will be seeded by the BiShares team.

On July 9th, 3 UTC, BiShares began with an IAO (Initial Ape Offering) (July 8th 11pm EST). The offering will get 20% (200,000) of the total number of tokens to be produced, which will be divided evenly among all participants. This technique will deter whales while also distributing the offering as equally as possible.

The Audits

Their auditing partners are both seasoned as well as competent and have a strong background. Their first audit from Gordian Agency went off without a hitch. Their secondary audit from Solidity was also successful. Both audits will be available to the public prior to the launch of their platform and, following the IDO, will be confirmed by the auditors’ social handles.

Following the IDO, they will contract Certik to conduct a third audit. They also ask any more auditors to step forward and ensure that the protocol is safe for the whole community.

Treasury Management

BiShares is created by and for the people. Once the governance is in place and operating, the community will be able to accomplish the BiShares mission: A secure shelter for portfolio diversification. The tokenomics structure is explained below, however, the treasury fund will be entirely controlled by community vote. Funds can be issued and dispersed for a variety of objectives, including but not limited to operations, extra liquidity mining, unique partnership incentives, marketing, and so on. These measures will not be implemented until the proposal has been accepted.

Adding or Amending Funds or Tokens

All members of the community should communicate on Discord to debate various fund choices and additions/subtractions from certain funds.

After an idea has been thought of and action has occurred around it, it will be put to a vote.

The concept will go through a financing procedure to determine what extra resources are required to execute the planned vote.

Following a successful vote, the DAO Team will carry out the community’s desires.

If monies are required to fully support the plan, the Treasury will disburse them.

Token holders benefit from lower fees and more transaction volume as more cash and tokens are created.

Marketing & User Retention

They may attract a dynamic audience and maintain interest with campaigns that use video, artwork, AMAs, and creative writing with occasional treasury support. During times of tremendous success with branded partners, media articles and publications should be leveraged to spread the word even further. Treasury money would be utilized to delegate such tasks to the extent agreed upon by the community and spent appropriately.

Developer Rewards

Unlike other initiatives, the creators will stay actively involved and committed to the long-term development of each new money provided.

A 1.5% charge will be levied when users mint new index fund tokens from their deposits. This charge will be utilized to provide the community with the best quality developers while also maintaining brand visibility. To ensure BiShares’ long-term success, the development team will also earn a part of the forthcoming DAO token.

The Governance

The BiShares DAO will be established as a venue for the community to reach consensus on any issue that requires it. Period. The smart contracts will be deployed, and 10% of the total $BISON token supply will be required to begin the proposal, with a 60 percent quorum necessary to pass the proposed vote within 72 hours.


BiShares will have its own governance token, which will be named $BISON. It will be used to vote on all protocol-related proposals. The completely diluted supply will be 1,000,000 BISON tokens dispersed over a two-year period.

Over the following two years, liquidity providers will farm the bulk (45 percent) of the BISON emissions. The first 12 weeks will be extended, and an emissions schedule will be published in the following update. The BISON treasury will get 18% of the tokens, which will be utilized for DEX liquidity, collaborations, and other operations.

As a community and product-focused DAO, they seek to guarantee that members of the community are active in all stages of product creation. They intend to have an extremely engaged community government. The tokenomics breakdown is shown below.

The costs for entering the fund will be 1% and will be dispersed to all token holders of that specific fund token, such as the BSC TOP 10 Fund. That’s right, your initial investment grows over time, providing you an instant incentive. If you own and stake the $BISON token, you will additionally get 0.5 percent of all platform fees distributed among all stakeholders. The departure performance fee is 1% and is divided between the Treasury and the Team wallet.

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