BiShares Revs Up Before Major Month of October Ahead

On top of the first indexed GameFi fund on BSC, BiShares looks to keep innovating in the index industry of decentralized finance.

Boost From GameFi Fund

The BiShares platform with indexed Binance Smart Chain (BSC) ETF funds has caught the eye of some early investors this past week. BiShares is a platform for users to begin edging into different areas of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) without doing all the research involved.

After launching the first GameFi Index on BSC this past week, the platform hopes to continue its momentum with ten more funds dropping in the next several weeks. The rest of September—and into October—should prove to be a significant stretch for the platform as it expands its offerings. The funds offer investors a unique chance at diversification not often seen in DeFi.

“Maybe you’re not going to catch the perfect moonshot, but maybe you wouldn’t have had it in the beginning, and this gives you a chance to capture that,” Vlad from Bishares told our own Ben Antes on the BSC.News Podcast.

The $BISON token has seen a 79% increase over the past week, rising from a low of $7.74 to a high of $13.92. The token has settled back around the $12 range, at the time of writing, according to CoinMarketCap. Bishares is also approaching $7 million in Total Volume Locked (TVL), according to their latest data.


More Content and Security

The next index fund from BiShares will launch on September 22. The team admitted in a Medium post from September 17 that the fund should be stable enough to ‘ape’ into. It is still early for many of the BiShares funds, and they are primed for growth. 

The team will debut funds related to NFTs and Farming, which would be firsts on BSC. Vlad told BSC. News co-founder Ben Antes on the podcast that his team wants to move away from the recently popular cartoonish-style NFTs. The team also hopes to continue building all ways to compound yield on top of itself. 

“There are a bunch of different ideas we’re looking at for the NFTs. We don’t want to do the same thing everyone else is doing,” Vlad stated on the pod. “I think that whole cartoony-avatar thing is played out. So, we aren’t going to do something like that. ”

As the team looks ahead, it is currently undergoing two audits. The first is by DeFiYield, who previously audited the team’s original code in June. They have come back for a follow-up, and it is always a welcoming sign in DeFi when a team takes security and preparation seriously. The second audit is being performed by Solidity, with hopes of a third from CertiK also in the works. 

For a full glimpse of the BiShares project, be sure to check out the latest BSC.News podcast episode on your favorite podcast player.

What is BiShares?

BiShares was named as a combination of Binance and Bison – the platform mascot.  Founders @allthingsNFT and @defivlad hope to serve the BSC community first and have high hopes that CZ and the Binance team will embrace their creativity. BiShares launched its DAO token, with a 750% oversubscribed Initial Ape Offering from ApeSwap. In August, the team plans to turn over the reins to the community for DAO voting and collaborations with token holders. The $BISON token gives holders a .5% kickback in platform fees for staking. In contrast, the platform token gives another 1% kickback – it pays to hold the DAO token, a rare offering with such a robust protocol and community outreach.  

To learn more about BiShares, visit the following links:

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