BiShares Goes Cross-Chain with Cronos Network

The latest BiShares expansion could see huge benefits for the entire ecosystem.

BiShares Yield New Opportunites

BiShares will become the first Binance Smart Chain (BSC) index fund to go cross-chain after officially announcing they will be expanding to the Cronos network. 

Users on Cronos Chain will now be able to access the latest developments from the team at BiShares, they will also have the opportunity to utilize $BISON pricing and volume information.

BiShares Co-Founder Vlad stopped by on the BSC News podcast to talk to our very own Ben Antes about the exciting new development:

“YBFs are not the first thing we’re going to release on the Cronos network. We’re releasing a Bishares product called GAUR which is another name for Bison. The first product that is going to support the Bison ecosystem. It’s going to be our own take on what we think tomb finance is doing on Phantom. It’s the first stepping stone on what we’re doing on Cronos,” Vlad explained in the podcast on December 13th.


The Gaur launch will be a standalone product built by the Bishares team that will look to support $BISON and its ecosystem with innovative new technologies that other projects have yet to try their hand at.

“It will be used to seed our own take on what the OHM network looks like if it was supported by YBFs rather than single asset tokens,” Vlad explained to Ben, stating that Bison’s own spin on previous efforts by others will be effective. 

The team has recognized important opportunities for itself in this expansion and intends to offer all it can with the move.

“There is a tremendous opportunity to release some really cool stable coin yield-bearing funds on the Cronos Network that will be able to be used as treasury in an OHM forks style protocol on the Cronos Network- with all the pieces supporting Bison in every single aspect.”  

The support the Bison ecosystem will enjoy as a result may well help propel the project toward new heights. Interestingly the podcast also revealed an appetite by the team to create products with yield that users can place on their crypto card and go out and spend in the real world. 

Many will be excited not only by these latest efforts but also the ambition to have a significant impact on user experience. 

What is BiShares?

BiShares was named as a combination of Binance and Bison – the platform mascot.  Founders, @allthingsNFT and @defivlad hope to serve the BSC community first and have high hopes that CZ and the Binance team will embrace their creativity. BiShares launched its DAO token, with a 750% oversubscribed Initial Ape Offering from ApeSwap, and the team plans to turn over the reins to the community in August for DAO voting and collaborations with token holders. The $BISON token gives holders a .5% kickback in platform fees for staking while the platform token gives another 1% kickback – it pays to hold the DAO token, a rare offering with such a robust protocol and community outreach.  

To learn more about BiShares, visit the following links:

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