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“A decentralized Exchange Traded Funds (dETF’s) for safe crypto diversification – Index Funds/DeFi ETFs”

Andrew (BSC.News):

Hello everyone and welcome to the AMA with BiShares! Today we have the Co-Founder Vlad joining us today to answer questions about their project as well as help out with the giveaway

Welcome Vlad 🙂

DeFi Vlad:

Hey Guys! happy to be here

Andrew (BSC.News):

Yeah, it’s a pleasure to have you here

So how this will work is, the AMA will consist of two rounds. The first round will be us going through the questions that I had prepared for you before hand. And then the second round will be a community round where I will open up the room to allow questions to come in. The second round is also where we will select the two winners of our giveaway

DeFi Vlad:

Awesome! Can’t wait to get into it.

Andrew (BSC.News):

Alright, yeah so to start things off…

1. Please give an introduction to yourself. What is your background and how did you come to start BiShares?

DeFi Vlad:

So I have been involved in DeFi for sometime as a farmer and trader before I started building on Binance Chain. Some people might know me from DeFiYield group and others fr Vlad Finance.

Bishares came to be from a group of us who wanted a easy way to start diversifying on Binance Chain.

We basically got together and started coming up with what would become BiShares.

We noticed there was really no index funds that catered to the BSC community.

Andrew (BSC.News):

Yes very neat, so there actually was an index fund that was not as successful, but we can touch back on that later

But first let’s talk more about BiShare

2. What is BiShares? What is the overall mission/goal of the project?

DeFi Vlad:

BiShares is a platform for decentralized Exchange Traded Funds (dETFs). 

The goal of the project is to be a safe haven for diversification with different risk exposure funds suitable to different profiles, from conservative to the profit maximalist.

The goal of the project is to allow both new crypto investors and seasoned traders to invest simply in entire market sectors and ecosystems without having to manage a ton of tokens individually.

We believe as a community we can build dETF products that will track sector growth no matter what you are into.

Andrew (BSC.News):

3. For those who may not know, what is a DETF, and how are you contributing to the DeFi space with BiShare?

DeFi Vlad:

DETF is decentralized Exchange Traded Funds as simple way to think about is is like a basket of tokens. A curated selection of tokens in a certain weighting all minted as one token. for easy tracking and management.

We have several dETF available now and many more to come!

We think our contribution to the defi space is to help users diversify risk, to build stable long term hodl products and and then create tools to maximize the revenue on those products for our users.

Andrew (BSC.News):

Awesome, thank you for that explanation!

So to unpack a bit, the ETF that BiShare offers, is a pathway into getting as much exposure as someone can in the BSC ecosystem without taking too much risk correct?

DeFi Vlad:


either the staples of the entire BSC ecosystem , certain parts of it and even outside of the BSC ecosystem with our BiChains product

Andrew (BSC.News):


4. What is $BISON? What use cases does it have?

DeFi Vlad:

BISON is the governance token of BiShares which grants voting rights for the protocol’s betterment or even create proposals for it (holding a certain quantity is required for this). 

BISON can be staked to earn platform fees which are redistributed to stakers.

We are currently working to grow the TVL of the platform which will result into more platform fees and more rewards for stakers.

Andrew (BSC.News):

And if I’m not wrong here, BISON can also be staked in the DETFs?

DeFi Vlad:

BISON is included as part of every fund..Not exactly a buy back but it is it a way to create scarcity for our token.

Andrew (BSC.News):


To touch more on the DETFs that BiShare offers because I think it’s really neat

5. Can you tell us more about the 3 different funds that you have listed on BiShare?

DeFi Vlad:

yeah for sure

So we currently have 3 dETF on our app.

The first one is biT10 which is made up of the heavy hitters that make up the BSC ecosystem. If the crypto market and Binance are healthy you will see nice growth with biT10.

our second release was a really cool dETF called biAPE which is made up of all the projects fostered by the APESWAP protocol. They were our IAO partners and this dETF tracks thier whole ecosystem.

The third offering is biCHAIN which is our first dETF to give users exposure outside of BSC. It is made up of the native tokens of most popular chains like Polygon, ETH, Avalanche and even BTC…

we plan on releasing many more

Andrew (BSC.News):

Yeah so the biChain feature was the one that I was really interested in

My thought was that by incorporating biCHAIN, you guys created a platform that encompasses almost all of crypto

Without putting crypto users too much risk

DeFi Vlad:

yah its a popular one for that reason. You can get exposure to all the main defi chains without leaving your Binance wallet.

Andrew (BSC.News):

Yeah especially without having to bridge assets and pay crazy ETH fees, it really is a neat one

DeFi Vlad:

yeah thats the idea. Let users stay where they are comfortable while getting exposure to a more diverse portfolio.

Andrew (BSC.News):

So a question that I had regarding your top 10 ETF was…

6. Being that Pancake swap is so massive within BSC, $CAKE can now almost be seen as an index for the BSC ecosystem in regards to how the BSC DeFi market is doing. Why should users invest in your top 10 fund rather than just hold the individual tokens?

DeFi Vlad:

Just that extra level of diversification and room for growth. We wanted to focus on several market sectors that represent the whole sector rather than one. You never know when one of them goes on a big run. CAKE certainly a big part of the dETF but its not always the one leading the charge.

Andrew (BSC.News):

So I’m glad you brought that up because what does happen if maybe 3 of the 10 tokens go for a big run while the rest do not

How does that affect an investor’s gains?

DeFi Vlad:

Great question. The biggest part of it is that you get to have those gains by being exposed to those tokens.  Where as if you were trading individually you probably only held one or two of them. 

So while you wont see as big gain as holding the exact right token all do see more stable growth across your portfolio.

Andrew (BSC.News):

Right, but normally we would see alts kind of follow the same trend

Quick question regarding your multi chain fund

7. In your multichain fund, why is BUSD listed rather than BNB?

DeFi Vlad:

as we grow we learn and we have found that having a stablecoin helps with fund stability, you will see that going forward in most funds. It also helps in terms of some price action which gives users more opportunity for arbitrage.

Why no BNB? Because when you stake on our farms you pair with BNB which gives you that BNB exposure already.

Andrew (BSC.News):

Gotcha, thanks for that clarification!

8. Can you tell us more about your pools and how users can profit even more by utilizing them?

DeFi Vlad:

yeah. So we have a BISON single asset pool which currently earns you BISON and is eligible for our weekly snapshot that will have platforms fees sent to them.

The main pools are LP farms that earn you BISON token and are done by staking your dETF tokens with BNB which is actually a fairly stable way to farm in terms of IL.

So not only can users earn that yield from the farms they can also check out arbitrage opportunities since all the tokens are fully liquid for trading.

Andrew (BSC.News):

Okay great! Sounds like there are lots of opportunities for making passive income for DeFi users using BiShare

DeFi Vlad:

we are all about it!

Andrew (BSC.News):

So to touch back on the index fund we have seen in the past. Levyathan had similar funds set up. With their DeFi fund, Blue Chips and stable coin index

However a big issue they had was that a bad actor was able to mint an endless amount of their token essentially driving the price down for all their funds

Can you give any insight into that from your perspective and how BiShare is different?

DeFi Vlad:

So to address infinite mint…we have already minted our supply so that issue is taken care of.

How are we different?

I think we have a different mindset. We want to create exciting and creative dETF products that users are passionate about. I think as you see more funds come out that will be expressed more and more. Creative new ways to diversify your portfolio across sectors and then earn passive income in multiple ways and then also make additional income with simple arbitrage.

We are building a full circle economy where we hope users can spend as much time earning as they chose.

Andrew (BSC.News):

Yes great, that is good to hear that you guys have taken the past projects into account and improved on it

9. Have you been audited? How are you making sure that users funds are secure?

DeFi Vlad:

we have already had two audits done and completed and we are now doing another 2 more

security is our top priority

as you i touched on earlier i have been very involved in defi safety and will continue to be

for DeFi to fulfill its future we need to make sure everyone can ape in safely into it

Andrew (BSC.News):

Exactly, and it would very difficult for DeFi to attract large institutional investors without the security focus that you guys have

Except that would need to be expanded out to the entire ecosystem but BiShares is for sure taking a great step

So last but not least

10. Any exciting news you would like to announce here today?

DeFi Vlad:

yeah I would like to remind everyone of the upcoming Gaming dETF featuring popular gaming tokens like Axie and cryptoblades

I also recorded a podcast with your team that will be coming out shortly…i drop a bunch of alpha leaks there including more info about farm funds and yield bearing funds

so make sure to listen that for even more info

Andrew (BSC.News):

Yes our host Ben was very excited about your project!

DeFi Vlad:

it was a blast to record

Andrew (BSC.News):

and very exciting news to hear that you guys are creating a fund for GameFi

We are really looking forward to seeing all the great features come out of BiShare

Could you post links to your social media that you would like our community to follow?

DeFi Vlad:

we can’t wait to keep pushing the roadmap and get these out to our users

for sure

you can catch up with all our team on the following links:






Andrew (BSC.News):

Great thanks Vlad!

For everyone here, make sure to go give them a follow and check out their links to stay up to date on BiShares, an exciting project that offers decentralized ETFs to make sure everyone in the DeFi space gets exposure to the projects and chains they want while being safe and minimizing risk!This is a paid Ask Me Anything (AMA), BSC.News does not endorse and is not responsible for or liable for any content, accuracy, quality, advertising, products, or other materials on this page. The project team has purchased this advertisement AMA for $2000 Readers should do their own research before taking any actions related to the company. BSC.News is not responsible, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by or in connection with the use of or reliance on any content, goods, or services mentioned in the AMA.

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