Bingo Cash Finance: An AlgoStable Coin Protocol Built Specially for Casino Gaming on the BSC (Binance Smart Chain)

Bingo Cash Finance aims to provide all the users with equal opportunity right from the start with its algo-stable coin protocol. It’s a fair launch project that doesn’t require any pre-mining and investing with no pre-sale policy.

Introduction of Bingo Cash Finance

Bingo Cash Finance is built on BSC (Binance Smart Chain) to fill the gap which currently doesn’t have any use case. Undoubtedly there are some games but they don’t actually help the users to release their stress. That’s because the users need to go through repetitive functionality in most of these games, and the others are just simple lottery. That’s where Bingo Cash Finance comes into play. It provides the users with a range of different casino games for entertainment purposes. 

You can use the following to participate in Bingo Cash Finance as a user:

  • staking sBGO in the Bingo Cash Finance Boardroom 
  • Staking BSC common coin
  • Provide liquidity and staking the LP token

Adding Tokens

You’ll need to add a custom token in your MetaMask wallet which can be done by selecting PancakeSwap LP tokens, bBGO, sBGO, or BGO. If you can’t see these options then you can simply open your MetaMask wallet and add the token button which is located under the “Asset” tab. Here you’ll need to select on the “Add Custom Token” and click on the “Add Token” Button.


In order to start your farming in the Bingo Cash Finance Boardroom, you’ll need to have the sBGO tokens. You can use the following ways to earn these tokens.

  • Buying from PancakeSwap
  • Farming by using the LP pools

Risks Involved

Keep in mind that all the deployed contracts on Bingo Cash Finance are owned by the Time Lock contract. Therefore, any new updates coming from the developers will take 24 hours to become effective. It means you’ll have sufficient time to extract your funds to safely exit if you want. Moreover, the company is also trying to get its code audited officially very soon.

Bingo Cash Finance: Tokenomics

Bingo Cash Token: The Bingo Cash token (BGO) is the primary method of exchange on the Bingo Cash Finance platform. You can use it to play different casino games where you can win countless prizes to earn money. It’s an algorithmic token that will keep its price as close to $1 as possible. The company plans to make it the next stable coin on the BSC (Binance Smart Chain). The team behind the platform is building various innovative features in the system that will allow BGO to be widely used by the users on the BSC. 

Bingo Share Token

sBGO (Bingo Shares) represents the Bingo Cash Finance trust and value loosely. Moreover, Bingo shares are also used to achieve on-chain governance (entirely decentralized) where the users holding the Bingo shares will have the right to vote. The platform will also enable the users to propose and request new functionality from the developers in order to enhance the protocol’s functionality. The total supply of sBGO is 35,000 tokens.

Bingo Bonds

bBGO (Bingo Bonds) helps the organization in both epoch contraction and expansion times to incentivize the BGO supply changes. Initially, the exchange rate of bBGO to BGO is 1:1 but it will change as it’s dependent on certain factors. The bBGO will be issued when the TWAP of BGO will fall below one $BUSD peg.  The users will also be able to buy bBGO with BGO at the prevailing price. 

Pools Allocation

During the first week, four different Bingo Cash farms will be available for the users. They will have the following allocation with a distribution total of 98,000 BGO.

  • BGO/WBNB Allocation: 66,500
  • BDO Allocation: 10,500
  • BIFI Allocation: 10,500
  • BUSD Allocation: 10,500

After the first week, the company will open the sBGO farming pools where users will be able to stake their LP tokens. These pools will experience a 75 percent reduction in farming rate every month and will last for a year. They will have the following allocation.

  • BGO/BUSD Allocation: 17,500
  • sBGO/BUSD Allocation: 5250
  • BGO/WBNB Allocation: 12,250

Bingo Cash Finance: Unique Features

  • Multi DEX wallet support
  • Availability of premium bonuses while redeeming the bonds
  • Range of different games to win real money
  • No expiration date on bBGO tokens that greatly reduce the risk

Project Roadmap

As mentioned, the team behind Bingo Cash Finance aims to bring many innovative and useful features and functionality to the platform. Here’s a breakdown of the Bingo Cash Finance current and future plans.

June-2021 to September-2021

Casino Optimization:

  • Launch of casino games by using BGO (Bingo Cash) token and MetaMark wallet. 
  • Support deployment for many popular DEX wallets such as Mathwallet, Trustwallet
  • Dividend system for casino profit with final testing

System Optimization:

  • Multi DEX wallet support
  • To be listed on multiple farming platforms and networks
  • Optimization of token distribution
  • Multiple public chains support

September-2021 to December-2021

  • Preparation and development for CEX listing
  • Profile customization for users
  • NFT unique avatars and collectibles
  • Live achievement system

December-2021 to March-2022

  • BGO wallet finalization
  • System launch for Casino profit dividend
  • NFT cross-chain development

March-2022 to June 2022

  • Online BGO DEX wallet
  • LP and many other tokens support for borrow system
  • Borrow system for Collateral assets using sBGO and BGO 

June 2022 to September-2022

Mobile Application for BGO wallet both iOS and Android:

  • Account Management
  • Borrow function
  • Farming, staking and boardroom APY calculating
  • NFT market

Casino Optimization: 

  • Sports bet finalization
  • New live casino game

September-2022 to December-2022

  • Multiple cryptocurrency support for BGO wallet mobile app
  • Blockchain application such as Instadapp, Zerion, Zapper, etcetera integration for BGO wallet mobile app
  • BGOChain Node Testing
  • BGOChain Testnet finalization

December-2022 Onwards

  • Beta testing of BGOChain
  • New platform for NFT artists
  • Sport bet on live using BGO


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