Bingo Cash AMA Recap hosts Bingo Cash: an AlgoStable coin protocol built on the Binance Smart Chain for casino gaming.

Bingo Cash: Greeting everyone

BSCdaily – Admin: Glad to have you here with us today @BingoCash_Tech. Thanks for coming

Bingo Cash: The pleasure is all mine

BSCdaily – Admin: Are you ready? @BingoCash_Tech

Bingo Cash: Ready

Q1: What is Bingo Cash all about? Give us a little summary

Bingo Cash: Hello everyone. The Bingo Cash was created with the vision to give everyone the chance to enjoy entertainment while they go on their business on the crypto world

Q2: Could you tell us about yourself? Why did you and your team decide to build Bingo Cash?

Bingo Cash: Currently we wanted to stay anonymous so sorry can’t say much about myself or the team on certain details.

We built Bingo since we were so bored with our daily in and out on the crypto market. It burn us out and we want to look for some entertainment to let out some steam. However there are not much entertainment to be found on crypto itself so we figure why don’t we do it instead of waiting for other to do so.

BSCdaily – Admin: Allowing the product to speak for itself is the best approach

Q3: But why did you choose Binance Smart Chain over any other blockchains, especially Ethereum?

Bingo Cash: Oh, just the horrendous gas fee of ETH. That place is getting more and more costly for anyone without a huge bag to run a profit. Don’t get us wrong, we don’t hate ETH. BSC just offer a much more cost effective way for small people like us to make an impact. The cost is cents compared to ETH couple dozen bucks

BSCdaily – Admin: Haha yeah, I don’t think many users would return to Ethereum after they have tried BSC

Q4: Let’s dive into your token $BGO, shall we? Can you share with us your tokenomics?

Bingo Cash: For People that already know the basics of the algorithmic model I don’t think I’ll need to say much. To the newcomers who are interested in the model, BGO will be the cash token that we will try to keep around 1$ as close as possible using the system to adjust the total supply of the coin instead of backing it with fiat money or other collaterals

Q5: Great, could you give us some info on BingoCash’s token $BGO? What are some of its use cases?

Bingo Cash: The most obvious one is to use it for gaming on our site. Apart from that we also plan to develop a NFT marketplace so people can come and use $BGO to buy and sell all sort of interesting “asset”. Later stage might have the possibility of cross platform gaming or even introducing other games from developers that wanted to work with us. We are not going to give a solid promise on delivering every single thing we say but we promise we will try our best for the benefit of the project.

BSCdaily – Admin: love the spirit!

Q6: What are the reasons that set Bingo Cash apart from its competitors?

Bingo Cash: Unlike many other project that using algorithmic model, we actually have games for people to play, lots of it. We don’t want to throw shades or anything but let’s admit, any other “algostable” as people have refered either have repetitive, boring lottery “game” or some ain’t even finished to get even a demo out. We are proud that we can provide our users with entertainment right here and now, with the prospect of earning some sweet money once the final Beta finished.

BSCdaily – Admin: Amazing! I will be looking forward to the day the final beta is finished

Q7: So what can we expect in the next 3 months and in 2021 as a whole?

Bingo Cash: Improvements, mainly about stability of the interface. New strategies might appear to boost the project even further. Until the end of 2021 you can expect to have the marketplace to shop around, $BGO listing on several exchanges and, of course, dividend system for players to start earning while playing with us.

Q8: Where can we find out more about Bingo Cash?

Bingo Cash: All the info can be found on our GitBook, including the links to other media like Medium, Twitter or Telegram (where we do most of the announcements). To find it simply go to our website and scroll down to the bottom. You can find all the links you need right on the main page footer.

BSCdaily – Admin: As we are coming to the end of the AMA. @BingoCash_Tech, anything else you’d like to add before the end?

Bingo Cash: We appreciate the love from people across crypto toward our project. Thank you all of you wonderful people. Also a thanks to BSCdaily for the AMA opportunity

BSCdaily – Admin: Thank you very much for your time today at BSC Daily @BingoCash_Tech, hope you have enjoyed yourself as much as all of us did. I wish $BGO all the best and look forward to its development in the near future

Bingo Cash: Thank you. See you all!

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