Binemon Launches New Game Feature

The Binance Smart Chain PlayToEarn blockchain project chose to adapt game themes from popular Korean drama series, Squid Games, into its platform.

Green Light Red Light 

PlayToEarn blockchain gaming project, Binemon, released a game mode that should be familiar to Korean drama fans in its community.

Binemon recently added a Green Light Red Light game mode to its platform, a feature that draws direct inspiration from a game with similar mechanics that can be seen on the popular Korean drama series, Squid Games. The Binemon team announced the game feature through a tweet on their official twitter account on February 17.

“Take it higher and get ready BinArmy. Binemon #MetaFi, #NFT Mons on #BNBChain, #Gamefi PVP, PVE, Guild, [and] #Metaverse Squid Game series,” Binemon tweeted.


To participate in the Squid Game feature, players need a Binemon with a low rank (mon E preferably) that costs around .005 to .01 $BNB each at the time of writing. There will be five game lobby hostings in a day with a maximum of 100 players in each lobby. The time of the hostings are every 2AM, 5AM, 8AM, 11AM,and 2PM UTC. Low ranking Binemon are preferred as another similarity the game mode has to the drama series is that the Binemons entered in the game have a chance to get “shot”, or in this case get burnt.

“Losing the game will get your Mon permanently burned, through contract. We absolutely do not profit from this action,” the Binemon team wanted to remind its community through a twitter thread. “Burned Mons will contribute to the mutual benefits of the project. Of course, deflation/Mons (NFTs) scarcity will enhance the value of the circulating Mons.”

With stakes as high as losing your Binemon, the rewards a player can get will have to match the risk players put themselves in when participating in the game mode.

“Squid Game reward: max. 30,000 $BIN for each match, 5 matches per day = 1 million $BIN payout weekly. The above $BIN reward is sourced directly from P2E Fund and treated as one of the Play-To-Earn sources in Binemon,” the team continued on saying. “Squid Game series is a special match with a very low entry barrier, huge reward, and fair chance of winning among players. With only one win, you earn the income amount of a Platinum rank player in a whole season.” 

Are you willing to risk your precious Binemon for a chance to claim a lucrative reward? Head on over to their website and purchase a mon to enter in the squid games.

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