BinaryX Releases Beta Version and Multiple Updates

The GameFi protocol has launched the Beta test version for an aspect of its Cyber Dragon game and will follow it up with the first PVP mode of the game.

BinaryX Beta Test Goes Live 

BinaryX has launched the equipment system Beta test of its Play-to-Earn game, Cyber Dragon. The GameFi protocol has optimized the game’s equipment system to offer the best in-game features and gaming experience. 

Cyber Dragon is the protocol’s unique GameFi metaverse built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The Beta test of Cyber Dragon’s equipment system, otherwise called inventory, will offer users the chance to obtain different types of equipment in an all-action-packed adventure gaming ecosystem. In addition, players can use the equipment to enhance their hero’s skills. 

“The equipment system has been launched and the Beta test has begun now. We have optimized the difficulty and economic system of the dungeon. Players can obtain various equipments through dungeon adventures to enhance hero’s combat skills,” BinaryX blog disclosed on November 8th. 

Following the recent development, the protocol launched a new adventure on the Cyber Dragon game called Ancient Battlefield.  Ancient Battlefield follows the first adventure mode—Goblin village on the game, with different difficulty levels from Level 1 to Level 12. However, BinaryX tweeted concerning Ancient Battlefield on November 8th, stating that the adventure would start from Level 4. 

Ancient Battlefield | Source 

“We will open the new dungeon adventure: Ancient Battlefield! The lowest difficulty is level 4, the highest difficulty is level 6. The ancient battlefield will provide higher rewards and more equipment,” BinaryX tweeted

BinaryX Set For First Cyber Dragon PVP Mode 

The new adventure mode promises to provide higher rewards and enhanced equipment. Therefore, the more significant difficulties would also yield higher profits.  After launching the new adventure mode, BinaryX has set sights on launching the Cyber Dragon game’s first Player-vs-Player (PVP) mode. 

The GameFi protocol’s publication dropped details about the PVP event, featuring a prize pool worth over 1 million BUSD. In addition, the prize pool will keep accumulating till the end of the game. As of November 8th, BinaryX announced that the PVP mode would be launched in a week. 

“The first PVP mode of CyberDragon will be live in a week. We’ll provide a basic Prize Pool worth more than 1,000,000 BUSD for the first PVP Competition. What’s more exciting, the prize pool will continue to accumulate! All players participating in the PVP competition can get a portion of the prize pool rewards, and the final winner will receive a huge prize,” the blog read. 

The new model would allow users to upgrade their heroes, obtain enhanced equipment, and compete for the grand prize. Read their official blog post for more details about the PVP mode and other updates. 

About BinaryX 

BinaryX is a BSC-based project with a unique GameFi metaverse called Cyber Dragon. The protocol provides users with features such as gaming, Non-fungible Token (NFT) auction, an NFT marketplace, and many others. 

Where to find BinaryX: 

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