BinaryX Holds Character Design Vote for CyberDragon GameFi

The voting process is coming out in three groups of fourteen proposals over multiple days of voting.

BinaryX Character Voting Begins

BinaryX is in the final steps of its character design contest. The voting for group 1 began on January 1 and we should see the winners crowned within the week.  

The design contest began in November and, following some delays, ran until December 30. The details of the event were published in the BinaryX Medium last month. The event holds over 26,000 USDT up for grabs and should hopefully be an organic method for BinaryX to boost community activity.

“Our character design competition is over! With enthusiastic participants & abundant works, it took us some days to collect the data,” tweeted BinaryX on January 1. “So the voting period is delayed. Thanks for your understanding.”


The voting competition features three different groups where users can vote on a wide variety of character proposals. The proposals are conceptual vision of the character’s capabilities in the game, not physical renderings. Group one has over a dozen different proposals that have many recognizable character models from other popular fantasy games. Users are able to vote for six proposals to advance. 

Voting for group 1 is open for 72 hours and results were not available at the time of publishing. It will end on January 4 at 12:00 UTC. There is a considerable argument going down in the BinaryX Discord about the merits of the various proposals. A lone Twitter comment showed one user’s critique of the first group.

“A lot of the designs in that first group are uninspired in my opinion. I refuse to vote for six of them so out of all that I saw, I would say alchemist was the most interesting in the group.  You could just have alchemist or pyrotechnic and have potions or bomb as their items,” wrote @orangegamma2.


Despite the comment, many of the characters still need some fleshing out. Plus, there are still two more groups left to reveal more characters. The goal of BinaryX should be to find a solid balance of characters and skills to match the CyberDragon vibe. Sometimes crowd-sourcing ideas works well, other times not so much.

What is BinaryX?

Founded in Spring 2021, BinaryX is a decentralized derivatives protocol with an improved automated market maker to trade financial assets and cryptocurrencies. The protocol provides trading under their unique Binary Options mechanism which presents a concise and smooth solution experience for the trading process. BinaryX also powers the Binance Smart Chain based play-to-earn game, Cyber Dragon, where players can create hero characters, collect rare equipment and fight through dungeons. BinaryX was the recipient of the Binance Most Valuable Builder Accelerator program. The BinaryX native token, BNX, is available on ZT, PancakeSwap (V2), CoinW, BKEX, MEXC, and LBank.

Source: BSC News

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