BinaPet AMA Recap

BSCDaily hosts Weapon Master: Its Play to Earn game based on BSC, combined with plot-based mining and randomness brought by NFT. 

BSCdaily – Admin: AMA with Weapon Master.

 Weapon Master: Thank you.

Q1: Now to start the AMA, team Weapon Master please have a quick introduction to the community.

Weapon Master: First, we have traditional games behind us. Secondly, we deeply understand the pain of traditional games. In short, the asset economic system of traditional games is circulated internally, and what we need to do is to put their game assets on the chain, from issuance to transaction. Let traditional games no longer be a single internal economy. Game assets can be traded on the chain and priced in digital currency. We are the platform for the issuance and trading of game assets. Of course, we are also the first platform in the whole platform to do the chain, distribution and trading of game assets. We believe it will also be the largest one.

Q2: Core Gameplay is one of the main aspects of the project’s success. Can you walk us through your core gameplay, what is the role of Blockchain here?

Weapon Master: First of all, we issue 10,000 permanent limited weapons cards on the whole platform. Secondly, we will sell these 10,000 cards in ten rounds, with a limit of 1,000 cards per round and the price increase of 50% per round. At the same time, our cards represent the rights and interests of the platform. As mentioned above, we are a game asset issuance and trading platform. Users holding cards can enjoy more issuance and platform transaction fee dividends. In addition, cards have additional attributes, such as equipment cards get an APR bonus and have more revenue. Weapon cards can also be used for computational mining, pvp, PK, treasure digging. In addition to the many rights and interests of the weapon cards mentioned above, they also have a strong rarity. There is also the cultivation and synthesis of cards. With several lower-level cards synthesized and the consumption of the token, players have a chance to obtain higher-level cards. This is actually the deflationary function of our cards and the embodiment of the scarcity of cards. For example, Alice has two level-1 A cards in her hand, but it takes three to synthesize. Bob just has a level-1 A card in his hand, so they can make a deal. Of course, the reward for successful synthesis is also rich.

The first round will be through the form of blind boxes, and there is a chance to draw level-2 and level-3 cards at the same time. In other words, assuming that the price of the blind box is 0.1bnb and the success probability of synthesis is 80%, according to the synthesis route,

Expected cost of synthesizing a level 2 card: 3 / 80% = 3.75 cards

Expected cost of synthesizing a level 3 card: (3 * 60% + 1 * (1-60%)) / 60%) * 3.75 = 13.76 cards

In other words, drawing a level-2 card makes a net profit of 3.75 times, drawing a level-3 card makes a net profit of 13.76 times. This is still the case when the token consumption is not calculated.

BSCdaily – Admin: That’s great!

Alright next stop, please share us more on the team behind this project.

Q3: Please share with us the background of the team behind this project. Do you have any experience on building Gaming Blockchain projects?

Weapon Master: They all come from well-known game companies and are co-founder-level talents of Internet companies.

The specific name will be disclosed at an appropriate time.

Q4: At present, there are many projects related to metaverse and GameFi in the market, the competition is fierce. What are the selling points of Weapon Master compared to other projects? Why are you confident to launch the Weapon Master project at this time?

Weapon Master: We are GameFi + NFTFi, NFT enjoys platform rights and interests. GameFi users can use P2E(Person-to-Entity Industry) and WMT enjoy governance power, which is essentially different from ordinary DeFi.

What’s more, our essential difference is that we are the first chain game launcher and asset trading platform on BSC.

Q5: Please walk us through your tokenomics, your distribution model. Does it get audited? Are there any pre-sale/IDO that the BSCDaily community can attend to?

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Weapon Master: Don’t worry about auditing. This is what we have to do.

We will start IDO on the official website within a week. Friends of BSC.daily can go to @WeaponMasterOfficial to receive airdrop rewards.

BSCdaily – Admin: Alright, guys make sure you follow @WeaponMasterOfficial to update latest news on project, including Airdrop.

Q6: Can you brief us on some major partnerships with Weapon Master?

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Weapon Master: There are more agencies negotiating, such as and Binance.

BSCdaily – Admin: Great, listing coming real soon after launching.

Q7: What can we expect next on your roadmap in the next 3 months?

Weapon Master: Weapon Master NFT release and Genesis launch route:

1) Weapon Master Trands NFT White List application

A) August 29th 12:00UTC

Whitelist applications open

B) September 6 12:00UTC

Whitelist request closed

C) September 6 20:00UTC

Whitelist application address published

2) Weapon Master Creation Blind Box NFT release

A) Round 1: September 7 12:00UTC First round

Trands blind box sales begin

Total 1000

Afterwards, the release time of the blind box will be subject to the official notification.

3) Weapon Master launched IDO platform

IDO activity

4) Weapon Master on PancakeSwap

Initial liquidity injection

$WMT online Pancake Swap

5) Weapon Master Genesis Mining

6) Game test and officially launched

BSCdaily – Admin: Okay, last but not least.

Q8: Where can we find out more about Weapon Master on social media?

Weapon Master:






BSCdaily – Admin: thanks for answering concerns from the community.

With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with Weapon Master

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

Weapon Master: I am very happy to come to BSC.daily and hope that every user can understand the product. The first round of NFT cards will be released tomorrow at 12:00 UTC. I hope everyone can participate in the rush to buy and get high returns, and there will be a lot of airdrop rewards in the community. Welcome to Weapon Master!

Weapon Master: Thank you, everyone.

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