Binance’s CZ Holds 64% of BNB Supply: A True Crypto Scandal

Binance's CZ Holds 64% of BNB Supply: A True Crypto Scandal

Changpeng Zhao: The King of the Crypto Ecosystem Who Bends BNB

According to the latest estimates from Forbes, Changpeng Zhao, co-founder of Binance, the world’s number one crypto exchange platform, sees his personal fortune peak at $61 billion, a large part of which comes from his massive holdings in BNB.

In its latest report published on June 14, 2024, Forbes magazine estimates that CZ’s total assets now amount to $61 billion, propelling him to the 24th place among the richest people on the planet. But what catches the eye is that according to Forbes’ detailed calculations, CZ holds about 94 million BNB, representing 64% of the entire circulating supply of this cryptocurrency. A concentration of power and wealth that calls into question the very foundations of decentralization, a key principle of the crypto universe.

Massive Reserves in BNB and Other Holdings

Beyond his massive reserves in BNB, Forbes notes that the majority of the rest of CZ’s colossal fortune, estimated at $33 billion, comes from his overwhelming 90% stake in Binance, the exchange platform valued at about $37 billion. Moreover, CZ is believed to hold nearly 52 million additional BNB tokens distributed in various affiliated wallets, further strengthening his grip on the Binance ecosystem.

A Meteoric Rise Despite Legal Wrangles

The impressive fortune of Changpeng Zhao reflects the spectacular rise of Binance, which in a few years has become the main crypto exchange platform in the world. However, CZ’s journey has not been without legal hurdles. In November 2023, he reached an amicable settlement with the US Department of Justice, which resulted in a 4-month prison sentence.

But far from discouraging him, this setback only strengthened the unwavering determination of the entrepreneur. Deploying astute strategies, he masterfully kept the reins of the Binance empire despite regulatory headwinds.

Controversy and Questions of Decentralization

His direct and indirect holdings in BNB and the company itself have seen spectacular growth, making him one of the wealthiest figures in the crypto world. However, this revelation by Forbes puts the platform under the spotlight, making it subject to controversy due to CZ’s grip on BNB’s supply.

This situation raises legitimate questions about the effective decentralization of the Binance ecosystem and could spark debates within the crypto community. Key issues include:

  • The concentration of wealth and power in the hands of a single individual.
  • The potential impact on the stability and trustworthiness of the BNB cryptocurrency.
  • The broader implications for the principle of decentralization in the crypto universe.

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