Binance’s 100 NFT Artist Contest Features First Brazilian Football Club NFT with Atlético Mineiro

The Brazilian Club looks to become a reference point when it comes to Football and Crypto during the coming Binance NFT Launch.

A First for Latin American Football

Binance has announced a list of over 100 artists and groups to release unique NFTs on the 24th of June. Clube Atlético Mineiro, a club boasting more than 100 years of history, is set to debut a collection of NFTs for the new digital marketplace from Binance. Atlético Mineiro highlights the list of artists and creators set to grace the release. 


The club official confirmed the upcoming release on Twitter, June 7th. Felipe Ribbe, Head of Innovation at the club, spoke with CoinTelegraph Brasil in a live stream on Monday 7 June.

Ribbe said, “When I joined the club a few months ago, I already brought some projects and in my head, it was very clear that [Atlético Mineiro] had to explore the crypto-application market.” 

The Brazilian team is set to release a special collection of classic jerseys for the NFTs. Ribbe confirmed to CoinTelegraph Brasil that the club will release only one shirt at a time in order to test the reach of the world’s largest exchange platform among its fans. The motivations for the club, which is based in Belo Horizonte, were not about the money. The club hopes to experiment with creative outlets for bringing football to fans across all mediums, especially the growing crypto sphere. 


The club will be one of two world football teams participating in Binance’s “100 Creators” initiative. The other club, Dynamo Kyiv, the top team of Ukraine,  is also well connected to crypto. Dynamo Kyiv has taken numerous steps to become the technological leader of European football. Most famously, they became the first world sports team to sell NFT tickets alongside Binance.

“The 100 Creators” campaign from Binance will feature unique NFTs from other top producers from around the world. The full list can be seen here

Beginning of Something Grande?

The alliance with Binance is an important step for NFTs in world soccer. The announcement comes as multiple Latin American countries, like El Salvador and Panama, have pivoted towards crypto in recent days.  Plínio Signorini, CEO of Atlético Mineiro, sees his club as the vanguard of South America. His comments to GMB on June 10th about the club’s involvement sums up their organizational viewpoint. 

“We started the movement of NFTs in Latin America,” Signorini proclaimed proudly. 

Ribbe explained further that the team is excited for the newest release because of their success from other crypto ventures. He detailed the team’s success with SoRare, the top global fantasy football dApp according to dAppRadar. As the only Brazilian team in the game, the returns have been well above expectations. In a digital art auction on OpenSea, a picture of goalkeeper Victor was sold for 2 ETHs, or about $5,000 USD.

Ricardo da Ros,  Director of Binance in Brazil, celebrated the partnership with the Brazilian team as well. He believes Atlético Mineiro shines brightly off the field with this new development. He recognizes the deal is a huge boost for the NFT market in Brazil and South America.

About Atlético Mineiro

Atlético Mineiro is one of the biggest clubs in Brazil and one of the most passionate fans, without a doubt. They have been home to some of the most famous players in Brazilian history including Ronaldinho, who won the 2013 Copa de Libertadores with the club. The football club has become a leader in crypto innovation for sports in South America.

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