Binance: Zane Wong is the New KYC & Compliance Director

Binance Holdings Limited’s (Binance) ever-rising commitment to strengthen its compliance abilities has been making headlines for months now. Now, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange has hired Zane Wong as Director, KYC Compliance. Wong is designated to lead the team that would maintain an oversight on and enhance the onboarding process. The objective is to ensure the existence of the highest regulatory compliance standards at Binance.

Zane is Certified by the International Compliance Association and the Association of Anti-Money Laundering. Prior to joining Binance, Zane Wong worked at Goldman Sachs. She has also worked with J.P. Morgan and Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

Zane states on Binance that with the “mainstream acceptance of digital assets” accelerating lately. She further states the dynamic nature of cryptocurrencies requires the stakeholders to collaborate for developing regulatory standards. To uphold compliance at Binance and in the industry, she believes her “experience with traditional financial services and institutions” would help. Her prior exposure and experience would act as a “firm foundation” to “adapt to discover methods” fitting for the cryptocurrency industry.

With a renewed focus on security and regulation of late, Binance has been taking user protection and proactive compliance highly seriously. Binance CEO & Founder, CZ recently stressed on the following:

Working alongside regulators and policymakers to develop clear regulatory and legal frameworks, engaging in active self-regulation and putting our users first by protecting their interests, we can help welcome the next billion users to the world of crypto.

Binance is surely bracing for a “compliant, resilient, and sustainable” long-term (strategically farsighted) cryptocurrency industry future.

Source : bsctimes

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