Binance.US Wins Top Exchange for 2022 From Futurism

Futurism names Binance.US as the best crypto exchange overall based on a few selection criteria.

Ranking Reputable Crypto Exchanges 

Futurism, a media company based in New York picked Binance.US as its best overall crypto exchange from a selection of reputable exchanges. Binance.US is an affiliate to the leading global crypto exchange platform, Binance

Source: Binance.US is preferred by its users for its attractive fee structure and user-friendly interface 

Futurism names its selection of the best crypto exchanges in five different categories. These categories are: –

i) Best Overall

ii) Best for Beginners

iii) Best Decentralized

iv) Best for Bitcoin Investors

v) Best Altcoins

Binance.US and Coinbase made it to Futurism’s list of preferred crypto exchanges. The selection criteria are based on security, liquidity, fee, user interface, and the number of crypto asset that is offered. Coinbase is named the best crypto exchange platform for beginners.  

Apart from offering an attractive fee structure, Binance.US was also chosen for listing 74 crypto assets that can be traded on its platform. 

Best Overall

Binance.US is crowned as the best overall crypto exchange primarily for its healthy trading volume and competitive fee structure. A good trading volume will provide the liquidity that is essential to any trading platform. 

Binance.US merely charges 0.1% for maker or taker and further incentivizes its users with a 25% trading fee discount if paid with Binance Coin ($BNB). $BNB is the four largest coin by market cap. Although $BNB is an exchange coin, it is also an investable asset. $BNB is also used to power transactions on the BNB Chain.     

However, Binance.US’s platform is not available to users from Connecticut, Hawaii, Idaho, New York, Louisiana, Texas, or Vermont. 

Competition Heats Up

Biden’s executive order will likely pave the way towards a clearer and better-regulated crypto ecosystem. Crypto exchanges will likely see a ‘tidal wave’ of investors flocking to exchanges for exposure in this new asset class. 

Source: According to CoinGecko, Coinbase is the top crypto exchange in the US in terms of volume of trade  

In 2021, Changpeng Zhao, the Chief Executive Officer of Binance has expressed his intention to list Binance.US on the Nasdaq. Coinbase took the Initial Public Offering (IPO) route and was valued at $86 billion on its debut. 

Binance.US will likely play a pivotal role in the coming years as crypto adoption continues to climb. The paramount consideration for most crypto exchanges will be the security of their users’ funds. Binance has launched an initiative, an insurance fund to protect its users from the risk of exploitation. The fund is called ‘Secure Asset Fund for Users’ (SAFU). 

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