Binance US Lists Smooth Love Potion On Trading Platform

Deposits for $SLP, the utility token of the PlayToEarn blockchain project Axie Infinity, are now open.

$SLP Listing on Binance US

Regional Binance trading platform Binance US listed Smooth Love Potion ($SLP), increasing the reach of Axie in the United States. The move should seek toprovide a consistent channel for US users to begin playing the most popular game in crypto.

The platform opened up deposits for $SLP on its platform for trading. Binance US’ Twitter account broke the news on February 16 through a tweet, that was retweeted by the Axie Infinity Twitter account.

“Binance.US will list Smooth Love Potion $SLP. Deposits are open now. Learn more,” Binance US said in its tweet.


An SLP and USD, and an SLP and USDT trading pair will open on Feb. 16, at 17:00 PST / 20:00 EST. The Binance US team announced that they are opening deposits in preparation for the trading, but withdrawals will only be made available once the trading pair goes live. Though this is the official listing of $SLP on Binance US, $SLP has already been listed on the Binance platforms available in other countries.

$SLP is an ERC20 token which is considered as the utility token of the PlayToEarn blockchain project, Axie Infinity. Its main utility is to allow for Axies to breed with each other. The developers of Axie Infinity repeatedly announce that the token’s focus is more for utility than a store of value. 

The token is minted through winning matches within the game and burned when used to breed. $SLP has no maximum supply, putting the token at an inflationary risk. The team revisited how it emitted $SLP through gameplay and made changes starting with Season 20 of Axie Arena.

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