Binance US Hosts Fantom CEO for First Twitter Spaces

The Fantom mainnet is available on Binance US, the only major CEX in the country to do so.

Binance US Hosts Fantom

The team at Binance US hosted the CEO of Fantom, Michael Kong, for the inaugural Twitter Spaces on Friday, January 14. The marketing exposure of Binance US has upped its game heading into 2022 with more events planned on the way.  

Garret Trucksess, the Community Marketing & Partnerships Coordinator at Binance US, led the short conversation through several topics. Trucksess steers the conversation towards how Fantom will resolve the trifecta dilemma for traders and Kong showed Binance US listeners how Fantom is seeking to dethrone Ethereum using a cheaper proof-of-stake consensus. 

“The [relationship with Binance], I think that’s really, really important because that will help grow the ecosystem, which is kind of like my objective and the [Fantom] Foundation’s objective in the end,” Kong stated when asked about the support from Binance towards Fantom. “We want people from all around the world to be able to use FTM and the FTM platform. And I think Binance plays a really important role in that.”

Binance US is the only major US centralized exchange to offer the Fantom Mainnet. Binance US has done well to increase its cross-chain exposure. The US franchise of Binance recently joined the Solana-based Portals metaverse for a spatial collaboration. It’s curious to see Binance US making these moves, especially with Binance Smart Chain aiming towards a multichain future.

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