Binance Unveils Second Project on Megadrop Platform

Binance Unveils Second Project on Megadrop Platform

Binance Introduces Lista (LISTA) on Megadrop Platform

Binance has launched Lista (LISTA) as the second project on its innovative Megadrop platform. This new token launch platform blends airdrops with Web3 tasks, enabling users to subscribe to Locked Products using BNB and complete tasks in their Web3 Wallet. This allows early access to rewards from selected Web3 projects before their tokens are listed on the Binance Exchange.

Token Details

  • Token Name: Lista (LISTA)
  • Maximum Token Supply: 1,000,000,000 LISTA
  • Megadrop Token Rewards: 100,000,000 LISTA (10% of maximum token supply)
  • Initial Circulating Supply: 230,000,000 LISTA (23% of maximum token supply)

A comprehensive research report on Lista (LISTA) will be available within one hour of this announcement. More details about the Megadrop amount, Web3 tasks, and the detailed listing schedule will be provided in a subsequent announcement.

About Binance Megadrop

Binance Megadrop is a cutting-edge token launch platform that integrates Binance Simple Earn with Binance Web3 Wallet. This platform reinvents the airdrop experience by offering users early access to select Web3 projects before their official listing on Binance.

Megadrop delivers a uniquely interactive experience within Binance and the broader crypto ecosystem by combining engagement, education, and rewards.

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