Binance Unveils Scheduled Airdrops for BNB Holders

Binance Unveils Scheduled Airdrops for BNB Holders

Cryptocurrency Exchange Binance Launches HODLer Airdrop Program for BNB Holders

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance has introduced a new initiative benefiting users who hold Binance Coin (BNB) through a series of airdrops.

The program, named “HODLer Airdrop”, rewards users who engage with Simple Earn using their BNB assets with airdrop tokens. These tokens are issued by projects with substantial circulating supplies that intend to be listed on Binance in the near future.

How to Participate in HODLer Airdrops

To participate in HODLer Airdrops, users should follow these steps:

  • Visit the ‘Earn’ section on Binance and locate BNB.
  • Subscribe to Simple Earn products (Flexible and/or Locked) using their BNB holdings.

Before each airdrop of a new token, Binance will make an official announcement. Snapshots of user balances and total pool balances will be taken multiple times per hour to determine users’ hourly average balances across Simple Earn products.

For instance, for the HODLer Airdrops scheduled on June 11, 2024, snapshots from June 1 to June 7, 2024, will be used for reward calculations.

Receiving HODLer Airdrop Rewards

Eligible users will receive their HODLer Airdrop rewards in their Spot Wallet within 24 hours of the announcement. The airdropped tokens will be automatically transferred to users’ Spot Wallets before the tokens are listed on Binance Spot.

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