Binance Team Wins Two Design Awards at iF Awards

Chosen from a group of 5,424 finalists, the Binance design team ran away with awards for simplicity and intuitive design.

Double Design Awards for Binance

The Binance Design team won two categories at the 2022 iF Product Design Awards for the Binance Lite mobile app and website. 

The independent iF Jury announced the 73 winners from over 11,000 entries on April 11, with the formal award ceremony to occur in Berlin on May 16. The Binance App won the award for the categories Communication/Apps for Software, while the Binance Website won for User Interface (UI) in the category Interfaces for Digital Media. The IF Jury recognized the simplified design developed by Binance in both products that have helped make Binance the most popular crypto exchange in the world. 

“​​Super proud of the Binance Design team who won 2 categories at the IF Design Awards 2022,” Mayur Kamat, Product Lead at Binance, wrote on LinkedIn. “Awards are like the kind people you meet on your journey – you didn’t travel to meet them but they do make the journey more rewarding.”

The iF awards are the premier design prize in the world, and it’s a significant coup for the Binance team to be recognized at such a level. The outstanding achievement by the Binance team continues a push to become the world’s most sought-after crypto platform. All eyes will be on the Friedrichstadt-Palast, Berlin––the world’s largest theatre stage––come May for the award ceremony. 

Check the web page here for a full list of the iF 2022 winners.

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