Binance Smart Chain Rolls Out $100M Liquidity Support for BSC Ecosystem

We consider the invigorating effect a specific part of the 1 billion growth fund will have on the BSC ecosystem.

Liquidity Incentive Program

$100 million has been set aside for a program that will impact DeFi protocols, DeFi market makers & Liquidity Pools (LPs), as well as GameFi and NFTs

All DeFi protocols on BSC have been encouraged to apply in an announcement from BSC Matthew on October 19th. Projects are selected and prioritized based on TVL, daily and weekly active users, transaction volume, community size, and growth, among other specified criteria. 

“DeFi protocols are asked to submit business plans which include liquidity and user growth strategies and plans and proposals for the use of liquidity incentive funds,” BSC Matthew explains, “It is encouraged for projects to develop ideas and plans for sustainable mid to long term growth, rather than short term incentives.”


The competition will, of course, be rife as budding projects attempt to stake their own deserving claim that will help take them to the next level. 

Projects Looking to Participate

BSC is constantly on the lookout for the next generation of projects that will build secure, trustless, and holistic DeFi infrastructure to satisfy the ever-evolving DeFi requirements from institutional and professional traders and brokers, they explain. 

Prospective applicants are advised that they can apply for the liquidity incentive here.

The form employs a simple set of questions to get to the crux of the respective project’s progress thus far. The opportunity will have many on their toes as they recognize that the liquidity incentive could substantially impact their future.

Market Makers, LPs, and GameFi Invited

Professional market makers and liquidity providers in the BSC DeFi ecosystem will also have the opportunity to increase their activities and liquidity. 

The incentive programs will effectively be looking to address the specific needs of the chosen firms and can go on to include things like transaction fee subsidies, technological support, and general liquidity incentives. Similarly, firms are again asked to fill out questions regarding their company here.

GameFi and NFTs have a slightly different route to take, whereby they will leverage the BUIDL Rewards Program mechanics to provide higher coverage of gas fee subsidies. The chosen projects will be dependent on the kind of growth they’ve managed to generate thus far. 


The tier breakdown is categorized above. The application process is the same as the projects above and can be found here.

We are very excited here at BSC News to see which projects will be able to utilize this opportunity and go on to enjoy further growth

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