Binance Smart Chain NFT GameFi DApp: FaraLand

Introducing Faraland NFT GameFi 

Faraland is a multiplayer Role Play Game (RPG) on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) that lets users engage in combat and profit from battles using unique Non-fungible Token (NFT) warriors. In addition, the strategy war game—Expedition game, developed by MoonKnight Labs is available on Android and iOS. 

The Faraland universe comprises unique NFT characters of seven different races, each having different strengths, intelligence, agility, and abilities. Players can control characters of the various races within the game. The seven races in the Faraland GameFi ecosystem include Humans, Orcs,  Elves, Fairies, Dragonborns, Angels, and Demons. 

Faraland GameFi combines NFT and a unique gaming experience for its users. The project is driven by the fantastic digital collectibles with varying rarity, waiting for users to discover. The game has many exciting features, including the recently added Player Vs. Player (PvP), which is still in the beta test version. In addition, the GameFi protocol is currently hosting a PvP Beta test tournament that would reward the best players in its native $FARA tokens. BSC News wrote a publication revealing the details of the event. 


The Faraland Expedition Game

Faraland looks to create the biggest wargame on blockchain with the PlayToEarn (P2E) Expedition game. As stated earlier, the game is filled with diversified races on top of a well-articulated job system. However, its unique feature is its various mission system, including a well-crafted storyline. 

Players can participate in diversified explorations like daily missions, story quests, or randomly hidden quests encountered during gameplay. Each quest has different paths, and the final treasure will be revealed only when players choose the right path. 

The game has a crafting system that allows players to create valuable in-game items by using droppable raw materials. Players can trade raw materials with $FARA on the Marketplace. They can also craft valuable in-game items like weapons, clothes, heroes’ equipment, potions, and many more. 

Faraland Public Beta 

The public beta test version of the Expedition game was launched on November 20th, which was released for users to experience ahead of the full launch on November 30th. Since then, the GameFi protocol has been making some improvements to the Public Beta version. 

The latest update added to the Public Beta Expedition game is the PvP Arena feature, as the protocol approaches the final stage of improving and perfecting its unique product in the gaming industry. The PvP Arena test version was added to the Expedition game on January 10th, and Faraland users dropped feedback about the addition. 

“After the update was released, we received a lot of feedback from users. The development team synthesized and listened to comments from the community. We will be releasing new functions, and players also should be aware of the upcoming plans,” Faraland Blog disclosed on January 17th. 

Following users’ feedback, the GameFi protocol adjusted the PvP Arena feature, including some other components of the expedition game like the Player Vs. Environment (PVE) feature, Quests, and many others. The P2E game is free to play, but players have to create a Faraland account before they can experience the exciting gameplay. 

How To Play? 

Interested players must download the latest version of the Faraland Expedition game on Android or iOS to experience the newly added functions. But, first, players need to register for Faraland accounts by following these steps: 

Visit the Faraland account registration page

Connect your Metamask wallet to BSC and login with Metamask. You can learn how to set up a Metamask account through our tutorial

Faraland also supports Coin98 wallet and Trust wallet, but Metamask is preferable. 

Enter your email and click on “Verify.” 

Check your email to access the verification code sent by the protocol. 

Enter the verification code and click “Submit.” 

Set your password to complete the registration process. 

To start the game, players need to purchase heroes from the Faraland “Unicorn’s Horn” Marketplace and select the heroes that suit their style. Players require a squad of heroes to play the Expedition game. 

A squad can vary from one to three heroes in the single-player PVE mode, but three heroes compete in the multiplayer PVP Arena mode. The more heroes players have the more gameplay experience and rewards they attain. 

Watch the protocol’s YouTube tutorial video for an overview of how the game works. 

Faraland GameFi Ecosystem: Heroes, Items, and Materials 

Heroes drive the Faraland Expedition game. With them, players can engage in PvE and PVP combats. They also have complete responsibility for the success and failures of their Heroes. Heroes are characterized by race, stats, and body parts. Each race has different abilities to help players create their successful squad. 


The seven different races on the Expedition game mentioned earlier have different tiers of rarity: Human (50%), Orc (24.6%), Demon (4%), Dragonborn (1%), Elf (0.2%), and Fairy (0.2%). So in essence, Humans are the most common race in the game, and Fairies are the rarest. 


Heroes have four stats: Strength (STR), Agility (AGI), Intelligence (INT), and Luck (LUK). The stats determine Heroes’ performance. The higher the stats, the better the Hero. 

Body Parts

Heroes have at least four traits and a maximum of six traits. These traits are tiered in the following order of increasing rarity: Common < Uncommon < Rare < Epic < Legendary < Mythical. 

Note: The Faraland universe consists of only 20,000 NFT Heroes. 

Items improve Heroes’ stats and ability. They can be purchased on the Faraland “Trading Port” with $BNB and $FARA. Like the Heroes, items have different rarities and stats. In addition, items have specific effects and requirements regarding race, gender, and in-game level. 

There are two materials in the Expedition game: Emperor Stone and the Soul Stone. The emperor stone is a very rare material in the Faraland universe. Players who own the emperor stone can create a Guild and recruit other players to build their empire.

On the other hand, the soul stone is an in-game reward that can also be purchased on the trading port. However, it is more than an in-game reward. It can be used to summon and extend the lifespan of Heroes, which play an essential role in the Expedition game. 

Faraland 2022 Roadmap

On January 3rd, the GameFi protocol published its 2022 Roadmap via Twitter, featuring numerous innovations on the Expedition game as follows: 

Q1 2022 

PvP Game 

Ingame Shop

Adventure Mission

Body Part Upgrade with Soul Stone 

Guild Recruitment 

Q2 2022 

Upgrade Skill System 

Partner Portal Quest

Land Sales 

Metaverse Portal System

Non-NFT System 

Custom Map 

Guild Battle 

Q3 2022 

Ingame GACHA 

Pet System 

Equipment Crafting 

Q4 2022 

Pet Breeding 

War Guild

Job System 


The new year promises to be exciting for players of the strategy wargame on BSC. Already, Faraland has moved a step further towards developing its GameFi product by releasing the PvP feature. In addition, the protocol has already secured numerous partnership deals and constantly updates its mobile game. 

Moving forward, Faraland will keep updating its users through the “Faraland Weekly Recap” on the Faraland Blog. In addition, the Faraland team will continue to release new versions of the game with new functions as it approaches the completion stage. 

For more information about Faraland, visit the following links below: 






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