Binance Smart Chain Learn and Earn Livestream Offers Project Insight

A livestream event featuring X World Games, CryptoTycoon, Biswap and Hot Cross is arming participants in their ‘Learn and Earn’ scheme with knowledge.

Learn and Earn Livestream

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) has hosted a livestream event featuring team members from the four main participants in the Learn and Earn scheme. Learn and Earn is the Binance Smart Chain campaign which sees $25,000 in prizes up for grabs, with participants expected to swot up on their DeFi knowledge and learn about four projects building on BSC.

The four projects which are participating in the Learn and Earn scheme are X World Games, CryptoTycoonBiswap and Hot Cross. Company CEO, Fernando Oscar Liu, spoke for X World Games and was joined by Philip Arthur Moore, the co-Lead of Hot Cross, Yu Lian of CryptoTycoon and ‘Robi’ from Biswap. The four met up with Jeff Zhang of Binance Smart Chain to drop some knowledge on the BSC community.

Yu Lian walks users through the Crypto Tycoon homepage

Stories and Projects

As part of the livestream event each company was invited to share a story about their team. Robi of Biswap shared an anecdote about a prank they had played on a colleague and how they had to buy him a McDonald’s so he would talk to them again, displaying the livelihood of the team. Robi also spoke about their token mechanics and how they reward their community.

Yu Lian of gaming platform Crypto Tycoon took some time to walk through the first ever game from the company, “Soccer Kitty” and explained why the team had promoted that game first. Initially, the project had intended for Monopoly Tycoon to be the first game, but thanks to Euro 2020 tournament the team changed their minds.

Fernando Oscar Liu demonstrated ‘Dream Card’, the first game from X World Games which can easily be accessed from Metamask wallet or from mobile. 

Meanwhile, Hot Cross and Cross Pool, which is compatible with all EVM networks such as Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain, was explained by Philip Arthur Moore. The project will later roll out support for non-EVM chains.

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