Binance Smart Chain Faces Increased Congestion, How To Navigate High Volume Days

As more users adopt DeFi, network congestion will remain a problem not only on Ethereum but BSC as well. There are measures users can take to avoid loss of time during moments of network congestion on the Binance Smart Chain.


Lots of us began our DeFi or crypto experience with Ethereum. When the Ethereum blockchain started experiencing high gas fees and recurrent network congestion, it was clear that DeFi needed alternatives. Who wouldn’t love to pay less for the same service or even better service?

The advent of the Binance Smart Chain was a sweet relief. BSC brought with it very fast transactions and low gas fees. It is therefore not surprising that soon after BSC came along, multitudes of users adopted the chain. This has resulted in the rapid growth and congestion of the BSC network.

Network Congestion on BSC 

BSC Network Utilization Oscillating Around 70% 

Indeed, as recently as today, many users and platforms experienced congestion issues on BSC. It seemed that the congestion was the result of some BSC nodes having performance issues. Many users reported their transactions failing and balances displaying incorrectly. DeFi platforms such as Pancakeswap, SafePal etc., also experienced a general

What You Can Do

Here are tips suggested by the technical team of some BSC platforms. Give these tips a try to see if they improve the network congestion for those who have any issues.

1. Increase Your Gas Gwei To 9 Or 10+

When confirming your transaction on Trust Wallet, for example, from the settings icon (the wheel at the top right), increase your gas to 9 or 10 from the default 8. Raising your gas a bit will make it more likely that higher performance nodes will pick up your transaction. Sometimes users who did this were able to get their transactions through. Users can adjust their gas prices higher but it will result in more expensive transactions.

2. Use A Different Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Url

This is particularly useful for users of Metamask and other wallets that give users access to add/edit custom networks manually. When adding custom networks such as BSC, there is an entry where you need to supply the network’s RPC URL. The Binance Smart Chain has several RPC URLs, all of which are functional. So, if you experience congestion, changing your RPC URL might point you to a better node that will get you out of the woods. Here is an official Binance resource for RPC URLs that you can use. You can also give the ones suggested by Pancakeswap a try.

Using Metamask as an example, here is how you can edit the RPC URL:

1. Open Metamask and click on the three horizontal lines at the top left.

2. Click on ‘Settings’ and then ‘Networks’

3. Under RPC Networks, select ‘BSC Mainnet’

4. Delete the old URL in the space for RPC Url, then enter the new URL and save. You can also backup up the old URL somewhere in case you choose to revert to the old one later.

A pictorial guide on how to change the RPC URL on Metamask can be referenced here. The procedure will be about the same for other compatible wallets.

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