Binance Smart Chain Devs Clap Back and Ask to Stay the Course

The recent public rant disparaging the BSC network managed to solicit a reply from Henry K, a BSC core developer with some honest admission and insights

BSC Still Relevant

The thread disparaging Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and calling it a ‘lost cause’ received a response from one of the chain’s core developers with some answers on the efforts that are taking place as well as an admission of weaknesses in some areas.

The coder identified as Henry K says, “But I think crypto is an infinite game, so the cause only gets lost when the players give up. From what I can see, the team, the community developers, the validators, the infrastructure providers and also the users are not giving up. They will not let the “cause” lose.”

The thread aims to give an insight from the coders that are working behind the scene. The battle for layer 1 is heating up and different opinions and criticism are lashed out in the public sphere. Similarly, Ethereum is receiving brickbats from its own community, which is what BSC is experiencing now.   

Source: BSC must advance into a more real cause and carry more responsibility for the crypto community

The development team acknowledges the weaknesses that can be improved on but dismiss the allegation that the cause is lost. There are also positive comments from the community in the thread. Validators are coordinating well and maintaining their infrastructure with a very low offline rate. 

BSC’s Growth

BSC is a project to introduce a friendly and affordable Decentralized Finance (DeFi) ecosystem to a wider audience. This goal is achieved when BSC is now the largest blockchain in terms of active users. This may not be apparent from the Total Value Locked (TVL) but in terms of active users, BSC is ahead of the rest. 

Source: SimilarWeb puts at rank #1,122, ahead of at #1,882

PancakeSwap a decentralized exchange on the BSC is recording a 5x sum of users of all other major decentralized exchanges on other blockchains on a 24-hour period. BSC’s daily transactions reached an all-time high of 14.8 million on November 18. 

BSC’s Weaknesses

The developer in his post did not just trumpet the numbers of BSC’s successes but also acknowledges its weaknesses. Some of the issues that he highlighted are as follows: –

The System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) wasn’t always sticking to the best practice

The full node syncing issue is still healing the wound

The archive node is too hard to maintain

The dev team is very much under-staffed

The effort in communication and coordination of the community is far from enough

Larger Issues to Address

The crypto community must take steps to handle the more pressing issues together. First, finding the solution to the issue of blockchain storage as partitioning and archiving data is a must. Secondly, how to improve Virtual Machines (VM) and optimize dApps by computing power metrics. Finally, to accept that there will be multiple chains and acknowledge the need to build and develop on cross-shard/cross-chain technology. 

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