Binance Smart Chain Community Announces Learn And Earn Quiz With $6,000 In Rewards

Multiple rewards, including tokens worth $6,000 and unique NFTs, will be won in this round.

Round 4 Of The BSC Learn And Earn Program Is Here

The 4th round of the Binance Smart Chain community’s Learn and Earn Quiz is live. The commencement of Round 4 was conveyed in a tweet by BSC on August 23. 

The tweet also revealed the projects that will feature in this round:

“BscLearnAndEarn round 4! This round, you’ll learn about @AlpacaFinance @Wault_Finance @faraland_io @yooshi_official” 

In a blog post, Binance Smart Chain disclosed the motivation behind Round 4 of the Learn and Earn Series:

“We believe that you really enjoy our educational Learn & Earn series, and we want to continue educating the community” 


Meet The Projects In The Spotlight

Alpaca Finance: Alpaca Finance is the first BSC platform to enable leveraged yield-farming. The platform deploys strategies that help users maximise their yields.

Wault Finance: Wault is a project BSC that aims to simplify access to DeFi services. The platform’s mission is to be a hub for all things DeFi.

Faraland: Faraland is a play-to-earn game on BSC. Inspired by the famous World of Warcraft (WOW), Faraland intends to be blockchain’s most prominent war game.

Yooshi: Yooshi is a community-driven deflationary memetoken and NFT metaverse. The project is the first NFT-based gaming IDO launchpad on BSC. 

Round 4’s Structure

BSC’s Learn and Earn Series Round 4 is divided into three separate campaigns. Each campaign will have users complete some basic tasks online. Be ready to earn some prizes for doing almost nothing!



First, the twitter event will run for 7 days from August 23 – 29. Participants are required to help get the word out about Learn and Earn by doing the following tasks,

Follow BinanceChain on Twitter

Quote tweet this announcement tweet, tag two friends, and use the hashtag #BscLearnAndEarn.

Go to this post in BSC’s Telegram group and fill the form for the Twitter campaign. 

Ten participants will each win one #BSCLearnAndEarn NFT and earn a chance to share $1,000. 

Main Campaign

The focus of this second campaign is to increase the community’s knowledge of Round 4’s BSC projects. Participants will take a quiz which will be used to determine the winners.

To join the main campaign,

Follow BinanceChain on Twitter

Follow the Twitter handles of AlpacaFaralandWault FinanceYooshiseven

Access learning materials here and learn about Round 4’s BSC projects. 

Join BSC on Telegram. Click the Quiz link in this post and take the quiz. 

150 participants with the highest quiz scores will each win tokens worth $20, 1 #BSCLearnAndEarn, and a chance to share $1,000. The main campaign will last for four days, from August 25 – August 29.


Bonus Campaigns

The four projects will organize bonus campaigns where participants can win additional prizes, including rare NFTs. To participate, visit the respective Telegram groups of the four projects (hint: check through the pinned messages).

About BSC Learn And Earn

The BSC Learn and Earn Program is a platform where the community is incentivized to learn about projects on Binance Smart Chain. It is a win-win scenario: the community earns tokens for learning while projects gain broader exposure to potential investors.

For more about Round 4 of the BSC Learn And Earn Series, here is BSC’s blog post about the event. 

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