Binance Smart Chain Coins ROCKI MVB II Star of the Week

In a new feature, Binance Smart Chain is interviewing a ‘Star of the Week’ chosen from Most Valuable Builder II participants.

Star of the Week

The first company to be chosen to feature as a star of the week is ROCKI, a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) music platform dedicated to musicians and music fans. ROCKI is a music streaming platform and music NFT royalty destination created to solve some of the most persistent problems of the music industry and to provide artists with fresh revenue streams.

The Subject

When Binance Smart Chain caught up with Bjorn Niclas, CEO of ROCKI, the two discussed a number of topics including the current inequities of the music industry, what ROCKI is doing to help artists level the playing field, the ROCKs native token, and why ROCKI chose to launch the platform on BSC.

“The BSC team was most aligned with our goal of developing a more viable, robust, and sustainable music industry,” said Niclas, “They share our projection for long-term growth, so we are pleased to join their expanding community of forward-thinking and cutting-edge projects built exclusively on the Binance Smart Chain.”

As part of that process Niclas went on to explain the benefits of producing a music NFT:

“Since we launched the Music NFT integration on BSC, about a month ago, there have been over 300 Music NFT minted on ROCKI, many of which, earning more in one week from their NFT sales than their entire paycheck from Spotify or Apple Music.”

ROCK into the Future

The ROCKI platform is supported by the ROCKS token. ROCKS is paid to artists for streams, and will in the near future be paid to users listening to sponsored and curated music. The total supply of ROCKS sits at 100 million with 63% of the total reserved for music mining, artists, and music fans.

Now the platform is looking to the future, with an improved NFT platform that will make it easier for music fans to participate and improve the secondary market experience. There are further developments to come in the form of a mobile app for ROCKI and a staking feature for artists.

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