Binance Smart Chain Appeals for Fresh MVB IV Applications

The fourth most valuable builder competition requires fresh applicants and this time the metaverse is the focus.

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The fourther iteration of the Most Valuable Builder competition begins in January 2022 and ends in April. MVB IV will continue to utilize the monthly star concept, with winners picked in January, February, and March, and an overall winner picked in April.

The Most Valuable Builder competition has now become something of an institution on Binance Smart Chain.

“Over the past 12 months, we have launched and completed 3 seasons of the MVB program with over 900 participating projects and dozens of MVB-related hackathons and events! In the new season of MVB, there are no underdogs, only winners,” said Binance Smart Chain earlier this month

Winners will gain increased exposure and the prestige of being a Most Valuable Winnner. They will also receive direct additional investment from the BSC Fund.

There is also a top three prizes in the competition for the very best of the best projects. These will receive:

1st Place Prize: $1,000,000

2nd Place Prize: $500,000

3rd  Place Prize: $200,000

All prizes are subject to a final negotiation with the Binance Smart Chain committee.

The phases of the monthly builder competition (source)

The Application Process

This round of the competition introduces a new means by which projects can apply – via hackathon with DoraHacks. For further details on this new application method read here. Otherwise MVB applicants can apply through the usual means via the application form.

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