Binance Smart Chain Announces Most Valuable Builder (MVB) III

This time the incubation program is seeking infrastructure, NFT, and DeFi lego projects to help build into stable, reliable, and valuable parts of the crypto ecosystem.


Binance Smart Chain has launched the third round of competition with infrastructure, NFT and DeFi lego projects invited to participate.

The Most Valuable Builder program is the premier incubation program on BSC. The third iteration of the event was announced by the official Binance Smart Chain community account on August 12th.

“What time is it? #BUDIL time! We’re excited to announce the launch of Most Valuable Builder Program III and our MVB incubation program. BSC fam, we’re here for you. Go and sign up to boost your project!” Binance Smart Chain tweeted.

Previous winners include AutoFarm and Beefy Finance, who were both winners in the original MVB event, as well as ApeSwap, Crypto Blades and My DeFi Pet who were all winners in MVB II.

The complete GameFi portfolio recorded x10 growth after participating in MVB II according to Binance Smart Chain.

MVB III: Beyond the Big Bang (Source)

Competition Timeline

Binance Smart Chain has also provided a run down on the future milestones of the competition which have changed slightly from previous rounds. 

Over the course of the three month event, the best performing projects for each individual month will be chosen. 

This will offer even more projects a chance to grab the spotlight and gain some much needed exposure. The competition timeline is follows:

Announcement of MVB III – August 12, 2021

Monthly Stars (August) –  September 9, 2021

Monthly Stars (September) –  Oct 14 , 2021

Monthly Stars (October) –  November 11, 2021

MVB Top Players – November 25,  2021

As a final incentive the most valuable project or ‘Most Valuable Player’ will further secure a $10,000 grant. 

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