Binance Plans to Add This Cryptocurrency Across Various Trading Pairs, But There’s a Catch

Binance Plans to Add This Cryptocurrency Across Various Trading Pairs, But There's a Catch

Binance Announcement: Listing of Lista (LISTA)

Binance’s latest announcement unveils plans to list Lista (LISTA), triggering investor anticipation, as the exchange prepares for the token’s inclusion with multiple trading pairs.


  • Binance announces the listing of a new liquid staking and stablecoin protocol, with various trading pairs.
  • Users can maximize rewards by participating in the Lista Megadrop before May 30.
  • Market watchers await the impact of Binance’s listing announcement on LISTA’s price movement.

Binance, a leading cryptocurrency exchange, has made headlines once again with its latest announcement regarding the listing of a new token on its platform. This development has sparked excitement among investors, who are eager to speculate on the potential impact of the listing on the token’s price. It’s a common trend in the crypto market that listings on major exchanges often lead to price rallies, while negative announcements can dampen investor sentiment.

Binance To List This New Token

Binance, in a recent announcement, unveiled its plans to list Lista (LISTA), a liquid staking and decentralized stablecoin protocol, as part of its Binance Megadrop initiative. The token will be available for trading on the crypto exchange starting from June 20, 2024, with multiple trading pairs including LISTA/BTC, LISTA/USDT, LISTA/BNB, LISTA/FDUSD, and LISTA/TRY.

Meanwhile, Binance will conduct the listing process after the Lista Megadrop event. Users will have the opportunity to maximize their Locked BNB Scores by locking their BNB in BNB Locked Products before May 30, 2024.

Hourly snapshots of users’ subscription amounts will be taken during this period to determine rewards. In addition, users can complete Web3 Quests during the Quest Period, which includes tasks like staking BNB in the ListaDAO DApp.

Meanwhile, the announcement emphasizes that Binance will be the first platform to list Lista (LISTA), cautioning users against false advertising claims from other platforms. It underscores the importance of conducting thorough research to ensure the safety of investors’ funds.

A Closer Look Into The Report

Binance’s decision to list Lista (LISTA) reflects the exchange’s commitment to offering a diverse range of cryptocurrencies to its users. As anticipation builds for the listing, investors are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to participate in the Lista Megadrop and potentially capitalize on the token’s future performance in the market.

Meanwhile, Binance has previously created a buzz in the crypto market with its announcement of Lista as the second project on its new platform, Binance Megadrop. Notably, the LISTA token has a max supply of 1 billion, of which 10% or 100 million LISTA will be allocated for the Megadrop Token Rewards.

In addition, the report from Binance showed that the initial circulating supply of the token will be 230 million or 23% of the max token supply. Meanwhile, given the influence of these major crypto exchanges on the digital asset space, several market watchers will be closely watching the announcement’s impact on LISTA’s price.

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