Binance Places First-Ever Ad in the Financial Times

In what is sure to be a hugely influential move in attracting the masses, Binance has officially placed its first ever advert in the Financial Times.

Binance Wields its Marketing Strength

The Financial Times, one of the world’s leading news organizations, hosted an entire page dedicated to Binance and its ‘Crypto Bill of Rights’ on November 16th.

Changpeng Zhao underlined his pride at the ad that is sure to attract prospective crypto

Indeed the entire crypto community is likely to be appreciative of the ad itself, as the interest it will likely generate stands to benefit everyone involved in the industry. 

What is the ‘Crypto Bill of RIghts’?

The rights regarding industry practice have been set forth by Binance in the Financial Times exclusive ad as follows:

Every human being should have access to financial tools, like crypto, that allow for greater economic independence. 

Industry participants have a responsibility to work with regulators and policy makers to shape new standards for crypto assets. Smart regulation encourages innovation and helps keep users safe.

Responsible crypto platforms have an obligation to protect users from bad actors and implement Know Your Customer (KYC) processes to prevent financial crimes. 

Privacy is a human right, and personally identifiable information (PII) data should be subject to strict levels of protection.

Crypto investors have the right to access exchanges that keep their funds secure, in safe custody with comprehensive deposit insurance.

Healthy markets should maintain a robust level of liquidity to ensure a stable and frictionless trading environment. 

Regulation and innovation are not mutually exclusive. Crypto investors deserve safe access to emerging technologies and practices, including NFTs, stablecoins, staking, yield-farming, and more. 

Closing the knowledge gap is essential when it comes to crypto. Users have the right to accurate information on crypto assets, without fear of falling victim to unfair or deceptive advertising.

Marketplaces that offer derivative instruments should be subject to the appropriate regulations. This ensures all users meet eligibility requirements and that their transactions are fairly settled.

Crypto regulation is inevitable. Users have the right to share their voice on how the industry should evolve with their blockchain platform of choice. 


The rights themselves are difficult to oppose, for all those interested in the healthy and sustained future of the crypto industry.

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