Binance NFT Spotlight: The Bull’s Society

The Bull’s Society is building an uniquely close community that focuses on rewarding NFT holders with passive income.

The Bull’s Society Origins

The BNB Chain is home to a community of truly bullish NFT holders. The bovine NFT collection, The Bull’s Society, is making a name for itself by offering a solid passive income return for holders and marketplace users. 

BSC News had the chance to sit down with the Founder and Artist of The Bulls Society, The Ox, and the Lead Community Manager, Dehuffski, to discuss several topics like the origins, passive income, the community, and what’s potentially next.

The origins of the Bulls lie in the pumping BSC market of late 2021. If you speak to BSC OG’s many will tell you that the first few moments were hot, and the Ox felt that same fire. The name of the project is almost a metaphor for the bullish sentiment with which it was conjured. 

The Bull’s Society NFTs were one of the fastest NFT projects to ever be listed on the PancakeSwap NFT marketplace, an enviable feat to those who know how PCS functions.

The group is on a mission to build one of the strongest NFT brands on BNB Chain. By offering income utility and having a team willing to put in the work and not sell out its holders. Ox puts everything back into the project. The project starts with his selfless love for seeing others succeed.


The Bull’s Society Passive Income

The Ox admits that the bullish sentiment is definitely what drives the wind behind the sails, but what drives a bullish sentiment more than green arrows and gainz. That’s why the passive income users can earn from owning a Bull’s NFT is the main feature. 

The marketplace rewards the holds with passive income based on transaction fees. Users can earn between 2%-5% for holding a Bull’s Society NFT for transactions on the marketplace. The fees fluctuate based on the different NFT collections sold, but Bull’s holders get tx fees from all the collections.

“You know some NFT projects won’t even give back more than 5%?” the Ox said. “I don’t want people to feel like they’re gonna get robbed. I want a full community that is bullish on crypto. And most importantly, I want people to join the community and have fun.”


The Bull Society is truly trying to pioneer the BSC NFT space by building out both a brand and a powerful NFT marketplace. The holders earn a piece of all the BNB traded on the platform. So far, over 1705 BNB has been traded and, this is just the beginning.

The Bull’s Community

The Bull’s Society is full of fun as well. True BSC Maxis, Ox and Dehuffski have made a true goal to build out the humanistic of holding. For example, Dehuffski maintains a busy weekly Twitter Spaces schedule, with one session highlighting mental health. The Spaces are filled with an enjoyable and educational atmosphere. 

It’s that kind of experience that lets people be who they are that keeps them coming back to the Bull’s Community. The project minted out in 5 minutes to around 60-70 holders but has now grown to be a society of over 1600 holders. 

The Bull Society Community has grown in part because the project did not have a rarity structure at launch. As Ox theorized, “people didn’t get wrapped up in the value too much. It has become about the aesthetics.” 

These different aesthetics have brought about the emergence of different characteristics in the community members. Users are attracted to Bull’s which represent how they are feeling in real life. 

“There’s a culture within the culture. there is a subculture in this community,” added Dehuffski.


People really identify with the imagery attached to the Bulls, whether it’s a red bandana, a zombie, a prison jumpsuit, people find something to enjoy.

“One day, one guy bought one of the red-eyed stoner Bulls, and then he came into the Spaces and acted high,” laughed both Ox and Dehuffski. 

And the holders are from all over the world, from nearly every continent too. Both Ox and Dehuffski admitted to how amazing the feeling it has been to resonate with each other––Ox is American and Dehuffski is British––as well as the members with their international community. 

What’s Next for The Bulls

With passive income as its focus, the Bull’s Society is looking for ways to increase its amount of holders. The more holders the Bulls get, the higher the floor price goes up. 

The team at Bull’s has some ideas of where to go next. Ox threw around the idea of buying digital land in Decentraland and potential cross-chain exposure to ETH. But Ox always wants to call the BNB Chain its home. 

“We are trying to pursue the MVB program with Binance, because why not?!” added Dehuffski.

The team at Bull’s Society is really building out their next steps organically and with community support. The team is building with a V2 already released and V3 on the way in a few months. Ox and Dehuffski are open to suggestions! Head over and buy a bull to get your opinion heard! 

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