Binance NFT Reveals Whitelisted Projects

Interest is beginning to rise in BNB Chain NFTs as volume picks up, and Binance NFT has highlighted some of the most sought-after collections. We caught up with PancakeSwap and PixelSweeper for reaction.

Premier BNB Collections Highlighted

Binance NFT begins whitelisting some of the premier Non-Fungible Token (NFT) collections on the BNB Chain, allowing deposits and trades on PancakeSquad NFTsPancake BunniesPixelSweeper NFTs, and Hero Cat NFTs.

The NFT Marketplace announced its intention to whitelist the collections mentioned above on April 28 via Twitter. The move comes just as the volume picks up on NFTs throughout the BNB Chain. The impact of the whitelist will see incoming users drawn to and more likely to pick up NFTs belonging to the relevant collections.  

PancakeSwap was pleased to see two of their collections featured in the announcement, and Chef Xander praised some of the talented artists who had contributed to the protocol’s collections. 

“It’s an honor to have both Pancake Squad and Bunnies NFT collections listed on Binance NFT marketplace. We are happy to contribute to building the NFT ecosystem on the BNB chain as we believe there is still a lot of untapped potential,” Chef Xander outlined. “The Pancakeswap NFT collections are designed by our talented designer and are generated based on hundreds of different traits. Many users say the collections give them aesthetic pleasure and also use them as their profile pictures.  Please take a look at them too, and you may find one you like!”

Binance NFT’s announcement was undoubtedly good news for the recently minted PixelSweeper NFTs. PixelSweeper has already been riding high since its mint and has soared to the top of the volume charts on Binance NFT. We caught up with the project lead KC10 to ask him about his response to the recent progress of the project both during and after mint:

“We are very pleased with the response PixelSweeper has received. The team has always known that what we have here is something special, but watching just how successful it’s been is really amazing,” KC10 explained. “To mint out 10,000 NFTs in any amount of time is great. To do it in a matter of hours (the 1,000 on Binance NFT sold out in under 60 seconds) is truly incredible and shows the true strength of the BNB Chain NFT Community.”

The reaction certainly has been enthusiastic, with mint seeing completion in good time. More importantly, this enthusiasm shows no sign of fading as PixelSweeper NFTs keep dropping on the secondary market. KC10 honed in on the post-mint performance of the collection:

“Having the top volume on both Binance NFT and NFTKey, with over 2,000 BNB in total sales volume already across all platforms, is extremely encouraging and rewarding for the team and the community.”

Indeed, there’s much more to look forward to when it comes to PixelSweepers.

“And, we haven’t even started Staking or the Player & Staker Pot drawings, which will both begin this week. That’s when things really get fun,” KC10 concluded.

Source: PixelSweeper sweep to the top. 

What are the Collections:

PancakeSquad NFTs: 10,000 unique, randomly-generated PancakeSwap NFTs from the mind of Chef Cecy Meade. The NFTs, when placed as a profile picture on a PancakeSwap account, allow users to participate in exclusive IFOs and will likely be utilized in other ways in the coming year, according to PancakeSwap’s recent roadmap update

Pancake Bunnies: Largely forgotten with the rise of PancakeSquad NFTs, Pancake Bunnies are where it all began for PancakeSwap NFTs. The first collection on PancakeSwap, these NFTs can be earned by completing tasks, winning competitions, etc. 

PixelSweeper NFTs: PixelSweepers is a set of 10,000 ERC721 3D NFTs on BNB Chain. 9,500 PixelSweepers were minted. 500 NFTs were reserved for marketing and the team. The project plans to sweep the floor on different BNB Chain NFT collections and redistribute those NFTs back to PixelSweeper holders. PixelSweeper NFT holders will eventually be able to vote on which NFTs will be purchased to be added to the PixelSweeper Pots.  

Hero Cat NFTs: HeroCat X Binance Exclusive Mystery Box was the first batch of NFTs collaborated by the HeroCat GameFi project and Binance, whose amount was limited to 8,000. Attaining the Mystery Box gives users a unique Hero NFT with random “Rare, Epic, and Legendary qualities.”

What is Binance NFT

Binance NFT is the Binance exchange’s NFT arm consisting of a marketplace, a platform for initial game offering (IGO), and mystery NFT boxes in the BNB Chain ecosystem. The top 10 collections on the platform have witnessed more than $80 million in all-time trade volumes, as per data from Binance. In addition, there have been more than 44,000 items sold from these collections on the marketplace.

Where to find Binance NFT:

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