Binance NFT Marketplace Records $25,000,000 in Sales After 2 Months of Launch

The company is now placing a strong emphasis on Gamefi NFTs and seeks to become the NFT launchpad for Gamefi and traditional video game companies moving to non-fungible tokens.

A Great Start

Binance Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Marketplace has recorded $25 million in sales just two months into life. The market has now onboarded over 400 creative individuals, with more content continually being added to the site. The Binance NFT world continues to grow with events, artists, and the development of an entire metaverse.

Over the course of the past 8 weeks over 300,000 NFT mystery boxes have been sold, with the vast majority of these mystery box events selling out in seconds. Since the launch on June 24th, the new NFT marketplace has reached some record-breaking milestones. Binance NFT has also noted that the most successful events are those linked to GameFi projects.

“Out of all the mystery box drops on Binance NFT, our GameFi Mystery Box collections have performed the best by far,” said a Binance blog on August 16th. “In fact, Binance NFT strives to empower the gaming space with ‘Mystery Boxes’ that give users complete ownership over unique NFT in-game assets that they can use across different gaming ecosystems.”

Binance NFT highlighted two GameFi events worthy of note. The Midsummer with Alice NFT Collection sold out 38,000 mystery boxes in 1 second, while the Big Time founder’s sale sold 5,500 boxes, also in one second. The Binance name has shown once again it is able to boost the crypto community with this NFT endeavor.

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More to Come

The Marketplace has burst onto the scene. Binance NFT may have already proven itself, but Binance is not generally known for resting on its laurels. The company has a number of premium NFT events on the calendar including Maye Musk, Estar Pro Esports, and the Hermitage Museum NFT Collection. 

With the 100 Creators Program and Innovative Creators Program, Binance has fostered and empowered an international network of artists and creators. The world of GameFi has only just begun and the Binance NFT marketplace has its sights on growing its metaverse. Their groundwork has paid off with the success of the marketplace and much more should be on the way. 

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