Binance NFT Hosts 50 Artist for Video Journey NFT in Collaboration with NFTbastards Exchange

Top artists collaborate to create an NFT in honor of the launch of the Binance NFT marketplace.

Made for Binance 

Binance NFT has collaborated with NFTBastards to produce an exclusive video NFT. The collaboration, which began in May 2021, featured the works of about 55 artists from NFTBastards and aimed to create an NFT artwork in celebration of the launch of the Binance NFT marketplace.

The different creations were masterfully blended and set to music. The result: a stunning NFT collage of beautiful sights and sounds! Binance NFT minted the artwork on October 12. 

In a tweet on October 18, Binance NFT paid tribute to the creators:

“Over 50 of some of the top #BinanceNFT creators collaborated to bring the most epic #NFT made EXCLUSIVELY for the Binance NFT Marketplace.” 

The creative collaboration from Binance shows the potential that can emerge from group work and a combination of multiple sources. We get a long-shot style video that tells a whole story through the artist’s perspective. The next step could be to make these types of videos into a roller-coaster-like ride in the metaverse. The creative potential is unbounded.

The Design is Live


Each of the participating artists was required to render their concept of the word ‘Exchange.’ The artists were asked to use any tool and style of their choice. Two months of painstaking work yielded various representations of the ‘Exchange’ concept ranging from 2D animations to 3D-motion creations. 

The NFT depicts a journey through the Binance Universe and has been listed by Binance NFT and is up for auction. Bidding is open. The current bid as at press time is 60 BNB. Visit the bid link here to view the NFT and take part in the auction.

To know more about the NFTBastards Collaboration and see the list of artists, visit:

Website | Twitter | Instagram 

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