Binance NFT Gives Boxing Fans the Chance to Meet Mike Tyson

One Mike Tyson Golden Mystery Box NFT holder will win a ‘historic mystery experience’ with the boxing legend.

Mike Tyson Golden Mystery Box on Binance NFT

Nobody wants to meet Iron Mike Tyson in the boxing ring, but how about at a bar over a couple of beers, or maybe ringside at a big fight in Las Vegas? Binance NFT is offering fans the chance to win a “historic mystery experience” with the former heavyweight champion.

The Mike Tyson Golden Mystery Box NFT event starts on Dec. 1, with 4,750 Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) for sale at 44 $BUSD apiece. (The Binance community has received 250 NFTs in an airdrop, bringing the total number up to 5,000.)

The NFTs come in four rarities: Gold, Ruby, Silver and Bronze.

“The lucky winner of the Gold NFT will be able to redeem this NFT for a once-in-a-lifetime mystery Tyson experience. Collectors can also unlock signed merchandise and exclusive access to premium digital collectibles and airdrops!” according to the Binance NFT sales page.

The details of the experience will be revealed after the sale.

In addition to the single Gold NFT, there are five Ruby NFTs that come with signed merchandise and memorabilia. Silver and Bronze NFT holders will receive Tyson digital collectibles via airdrop in Q1 2023.

The sale has a maximum limit of 50 NFTs per purchaser.

previous Mike Tyson Mystery Box sale was held in April on Binance NFT, with all 15,000 NFTs selling out at 44 $BUSD each.

What is Binance NFT:

Binance NFT is Binance’s NFT arm that consists of a marketplace, a platform for initial game offering (IGO), and mystery NFT boxes on BNB Chain. 

With the relevance of NFT projects on BNB Chain, Binance NFT has become increasingly more popular for NFT collectors

Where to find Binance NFT:

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