Binance NFT Debuts New Feature, Launches Toni Kroos’ NFT Collection

The famous football player will donate a portion of the revenue from his NFT collection to charity.

New Feature for NFT Traders 

Binance NFT has introduced a new trading feature on its marketplace. The feature enables interested buyers of an NFT to place a bid at their preferred price.

The new feature, which Binance NFT tweeted about on March 30, has given Binance NFT Marketplace a better shape. Rather than being a one-way street where sellers insist on their price, buyers and sellers can now negotiate, which is how a proper marketplace should appear.

“New Feature Update! Users can now make an offer for an NFT at their desired price – you can see and accept the offers under “Offer Received” & “User Center,” Binance NFT announced.


Before the feature was enabled, only the seller of an NFT determined the price. As of then, buyers could either use a “Buy Now” button to buy at the listed price or ignore the listing if dissatisfied with the price. 

As a result of the new feature, the “Buy Now” button has been replaced with a “Place a Bid” button. Buyers can now propose a price that sellers could accept if they find the buyer’s valuation acceptable.

Real Madrid Star on Binance NFT

In another development, Binance NFT has listed the NFT collection of a famous star of Real Madrid Football Club and the German National Team, Toni Kroos. The cool and composed midfielder gave a short video clip to invite fans to check out his new collection!

The collection is the player’s first and was launched on March 31 as a set of mystery boxes. Kroos stated in his tweet that he would donate a big part of the proceeds from the sales to charity in these trying times.

Here is the link to his collection on the Binance NFT Marketplace.

What is Binance NFT

Binance NFT is the Binance exchange’s NFT arm consisting of a marketplace, a platform for initial game offering (IGO), and mystery NFT boxes in the BNB Chain ecosystem. The top 10 collections on the platform have witnessed more than $80 million in all-time trade volumes, as per data from Binance. There have been more than 44,000 items sold from these collections on the marketplace.

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