Binance Lists BinaryX (BNX) in the Innovation Zone

The team at BinaryX is building a game platform for the long term and the listing by Binance recognizes the innovation possibilities.

BinaryX Gets Listed on Binance

Despite coming in second place in a tight Group B challenge in the BSC News Battle of the Dapps last week, Binance saw enough to officially list the BinaryX native token, BNX, on its website and into its Innovation Zone.

The listing was confirmed by Binance in a Twitter post on November 4th. The BinaryX Twitter account immediately followed with a Medium post to elaborate on the news and the project’s next steps. Taking up the innovation moniker, BinaryX detailed the updates soon coming to their featured play-to-earn CyberDragon game.

“It’s a great achievement that $BNX has been list on @binance today. This’s a new stage of our project and we will keep on going, make a better game for all of you and the @BinanceChaincommunity,” the account Tweeted.

The game’s updates will include a new Player vs. Player battle mode, customizable features to some game features, and the creation of legendary heroes. The token price saw an immediate boost, more than doubling upon listing. The price of $BNX went from $104 to over $210 instantly. In a matter of hours, the token fell back down and has since maintained a price of around $115, according to CoinMarketCap.

The project has been well involved in marketing campaigns across Binance Smart Chain, including the BSC News Battle of the Dapps going on this month. BinaryX featured in a Reddit AMA with BSC News this past week. The BinaryX team is looking to build a platform with multiple games for fans of all kinds to come and enjoy.

“For Non-crypto natives, the game should be easy to play, and most important thing is they will be attracted by the play to earn model and complete ownership of their in game assets as NFTs,” Levy, Head of Global Marketing wrote in the Reddit AMA. “Use DeFi for game players to cash in and earn extra incomes. There are lots of incentives for them to come into this ecosytem. The web3 wallet tutorial and user guide are necessary for non-crypto-natives a better understanding of the whole game.”

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What is BinaryX?

Founded in Spring 2021, BinaryX is a decentralized derivatives protocol with an improved automated market maker to trade financial assets and cryptocurrencies. The protocol provides trading under their unique Binary Options mechanism, which presents a concise and smooth solution experience for the trading process. BinaryX also powers the Binance Smart Chain-based play-to-earn game, Cyber Dragon, where players can create hero characters, collect rare equipment and fight through dungeons. BinaryX was the recipient of the Binance Most Valuable Builder Accelerator program. The BinaryX native token, BNX, is available on ZT, PancakeSwap (V2), CoinW, BKEX, MEXC, and LBank.

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