Binance Launches Whale Game on Twitter, Hosts $10k in Prizes

Inspired by the recent success of Squid Game, Binance have launched their very own community interactive games with significant prizes.

Binance Whale Game

‘Whale Game’ was officially launched by Binance on October 26th, in an attempt to involve and reward community members. This whale game is not intended just for those holding big bags, but is open to all users.

The crypto giant will host a series of games through Twitter, with ten players going on to battle for the final prize. As the games progress the prizes get bigger and the starting price was nothing to scoff at. 

“Introducing the #BinanceWhaleGame! Starting today, we’re going to be hosting a series of games right here on Twitter,” the team explained through Twitter before revealing the hefty figure to begin with, “Starting prize: $50,000 in #BNB.”


The move has inspired plenty of Binance’s already loyal followers to contribute their own efforts toward winning the inventive game. Binance is tapping into the ‘Learn and Earn/GameFi’ trend by bringing it right to users through Twitter. 

First Game: Dalgona

The first game was a fairly simple idea. Participants were asked to make their own ‘Dalgona,’ a much-loved honeycomb or candy surface upon which you can scratch a little figure. 

After making their honeycomb or candy, users were asked to construct the logo of their favorite crypto upon it and post proof on Twitter. The deadline was October 27, 11:00 UTC, and there were plenty of willing users.


@JuanitaHoltani had a particularly inventive effort, where we saw her PancakeSwap figure wonderfully created. And she wasn’t the only one, as thousands of participants poured in with wonderful renditions of their own. 

The move by Binance is another example of just how much influence and pull they have over a community that is quick to respond. Initiatives such as this do much to expand community further and build excitement.

Will you be taking part in the next games?

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