Binance Launches Scholarship Program 

Global cryptocurrency exchange Binance is sponsoring a scholarship program to enable students to develop their skills, knowledge, and experience without the financial barriers. 

In addition to financial support, Binance will also provide opportunities for scholars to gain exposure to our Blockchain ecosystem, supporting their journey into continued education, training, or employment so they can power the next generation of ideas and talent.

How To Apply?

Firstly, eligibility is based on a per-institution basis. Interested participants will have to check the institution they wish to apply for and the fees incurred during the application process. If accepted, Binance will reimburse the fees paid as part of the scholarship accepted.

Candidates that will be chosen shall have a strong interest in blockchain and technology, and academic grades will be screened. Additionally, the applicant’s detailed financial capacity should be submitted alongside other needed documents.

Scholarships will be available for vocational education (currently for 1,000 Ukrainian students), undergraduate studies, and master’s degrees.

Source : bsctimes

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