Binance Launches Learn and Earn Program

Users will be able to learn about blockchain and cryptocurrency while being rewarded from a variety of projects.

Learn to Earn

One of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges has announced a new Learn and Earn program. 

The program will be run on the Binance Academy, a platform already used for crypto and blockchain education. 


“Crypto is changing the world. We’ve already seen GameFi, where people earn from playing games, and now we have created Binance EduFi, where people can earn while they learn,” says Changpeng Zhao (CZ), CEO of Binance. CZ added, “we want to give our users the best tools to improve their understanding of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency projects, so they can make more informed investment decisions.” 

Education is effectively about onboarding and offering users the necessary tools to use the space in a positive and beneficial way.

Jack Tan, CEO of WOO Network said, “education is at the top of every product’s user funnel, bringing awareness and traffic to an application. On the user side, Binance Learn and Ean will help users get more value from products and investments, making this an important two-way relationship that can drive growth for the industry.”

The WOO Network will be among the projects included in the first batch of the Learn and Earn program. Other projects include Terra (Luna, ANC, UST), Polkstarter (POLS), and ANKR. Users who complete KYC on the platform are eligible to participate. There will be a set number of crypto that users can earn although the exact amount available to each user was not made available in the release. Users will be required to complete certain educational tasks which include reading articles, watching videos and completing quizzes. 

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