Binance Launches Decentralized “Featured” NFT Marketplace Partnering With Dylan Cole

The decentralized Binance Featured NFT Marketplace is now live, featuring NFTs from Dylan Cole and a host of other creators.

Binance Featured NFT Marketplace Now Live

Dylan Cole’s NFTs were launched as the platform’s first exclusive release. In its June 17th, 2021 update by CEO, Tech, the platform was officially launched alongside innovative NFTs with partnered creators – users can also try minting art themselves. Among the star-studded lineup of releases, it includes world-renowned artists, musicians –specifically Dylan Cole. 

Dylan Cole NFTs

Dylan Cole boasts an impressive resume as one of Hollywood’s most notable sci-fi film designers. For the first time in over 20yrs, the iconic creator will be releasing exclusive drops that capture all of these experiences into NFTs, already live on auction.

Dylan Cole NFTs | Source

The iconic creator has created such an exciting and captivating piece in the action movie industry, including Mordor for Lord of the Rings and the world of Pandora for Avatar. Other notable credits from his 60+ films include Maleficent, Tron: Legacy, Alita: Battle Angel, and Alice in Wonderland.

Dylan is well known for relishing in the details and storytelling possibilities of his worlds. His art has such fine details that the Binance Featured platform added a virtual magnifying glass in each image to help collectors zoom in and explore what couldn’t be easily seen with the eyes without aids.

Dylan Cole Engine City

Dylan Cole Engine City Exclusive on Binance Featured  | Source

Over the last 20yrs, Dylan Cole has inspired dozens of generations of artists setting the bar higher with each production. He is credited with designing the Avatar sequel as a co-production designer, assembling teams around the world. 

In his NFT series, Dylan was inspired to create a personal and innovative piece. The piece is knowIndustrialist Monks, also known as Engine City. Using this original piece as a starting point, Dylan explores and develops this world, creating a personal work never seen before, a glimpse at a wholly new and exciting world, rich with allegory and detail. Dylan relishes in the details and storytelling possibilities in his worlds. His current work is but the beginning of his explorations. Valuing the question as much as the answer, Dylan sets the stage, not wanting to rob the viewer of their interpretation. 

Meditation and The Lone Scavenger NFTs | Source

Collectors have less than 10hrs to get on the bid table to get one of these exclusive arts. In addition, holding these NFTs gets you to access exclusive drops and future promotions. For example, on June 22nd, 24 editions of Meditation were released on auction. The 25th edition of Meditation will be airdropped to one of the holders of The Monk open edition NFT shown above.

Yesterday June 23rd, 15 editions of The First Snow were released on auction. The winning bidder of each edition may request the process video with a behind-the-scenes (BTS) look at how The First Snow was created. Collectors will be required to provide an email address to receive access to the process video.

The First Outpost | Source

Today June 24th, 5 editions of The First Outpost will be released on auction. The winning bidder of each edition may request the Photoshop PSD file of The First Outpost be delivered to them. An email address must be provided to receive the PSD file.

Manifest Destiny | Source

On Friday, June 25, the only edition of Manifest Destiny will be auctioned. The winning bidder may request the Photoshop PSD file of Manifest Destiny. The winner may also schedule a one-hour video call with Dylan Cole, who will answer questions about the piece and his artistic process. An email address must be provided to receive the PSD file and to schedule the meeting.

Further details on the Dylan Cole exclusive NFT drops are available on the Dylan Featured Marketplace Page.

Binance Featured World of NFTs

In his earlier blog series on June 10, 2021, Tech has expressed unwithered confidence in what he called the New Digital Normal world of the NFTs. The incubated Binance Featured NFT Marketplace’s vision is to provide a non-custodial, on-chain platform to facilitate the entire lifecycle of NFTs for creators, brands, and their fans.

Binance Feature NFT Marketplace | Source

At launch, the platform fulfilled its plan of the exclusive release of assets with strong, unique narratives, a marketplace to trade those assets, and creator tools to mint, sell and showcase their NFT creations.

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