Binance Launches “BSC Learn & Earn” Campaign, $25,000 and NFTs in Prizes!

The world of cryptocurrencies continues to grow every day and for it to continue growing it is necessary that we as users feed ourselves with knowledge, in order to better know and connect with this world that we are still discovering. When it comes to cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, and decentralized finance, there is a sometimes overwhelming amount of information. Sometimes it can be tough to take in this information, and learn from it, so Binance has decided to help!

Binance has launched a campaign in which we will have the opportunity to learn about projects, test our knowledge and also earn tokens and NFTs. Sounds great right? The campaign is called “BSC Learn & Earn”, in which the team has partnered with leading DeFi and NFT based projects on Binance Smart Chain with the purpose of rewarding users for increasing their knowledge.

BSC Learn & Earn Partners

X World Games: The virtual world of the new internet that allows you to trade NFTs everywhere.

CryptoTycoon: A magical Light Gaming platform with integrated DeFi model running on BSC. This is where GameFi happens.

Biswap: The first DEX on BSC network with a three-type referral system.

Hot Cross: A multi-chain tool suite created for blockchain teams and their communities.

One of the simplest ways to earn money from this promotion is to spread the word about Learn & Earn through Twitter, you will only have to retweet on Twitter when they choose ten winners to win #BscLearnAndEarn NFT by sharing a prize of $

The campaign will really test us with our knowledge of BSC and also ensure that we will have fun during the process is to complete a questionnaire with several questions. The duration of this campaign is one week. The questionnaire will consist of several questions, ranging from easy to difficult. At the end of the campaign, they will choose 200 winners with the highest score who will win $20 in tokens each.

To do this, on Twitter you must follow @BinanceChainX World GamesCryptoTycoonBiswap, and Hot Cross. Get to know the four selected BSC projects, join BSC on Telegram and take part in the final questionnaire that will be published on July 2nd on the Telegram channel. This portion of the campaign begins on July 2 and ends on July 6. You will have 4 days to complete the questionnaire and submit your responses.

In addition, BSC prepares a surprise for the Learn & Earn campaign, the Biswap, Hot Cross, Dream Card NFT and Soccer Cat NFT projects also prepared secret bonus campaigns that will be announced on July 2 on BSC Telegram, and you will have the opportunity to win a share of $ 20,000 and rare NFTs of Dream Card and Soccer Cat.

The series of questions that will help us understand more about the BSC ecosystem sounds quite funny. Make sure you follow the rules and follow the projects as they will post suggestions for questions. It’s time to study, analyze, read and have fun with BSC.

For terms and conditions, and to learn more about the promotion, please visit Binance’s official blog post.

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