Binance Labs’ Strategic Investment in MELOS Studio

Web 3.0 Music NFT platform Melos Studio has just received a strategic investment from Binance Labs. Melos Studio would add to Binance ecosystem by “diversifying music NFT category in Binance Smart Chain (BSC).”

Binance Labs’ strategic investment would give Melos Studio access to vital “technologies, consultation, and incubation services.” Melos Studio would work upon team expansion plus forming fresh collaborations with leading global artists, and indie artists.

Chase Guo (Investment Director, Binance Labs), stated:

We hope to innovate the field of music NFT with Melos Studio and are looking forward to collaborating with the team. Melos is differentiated in that it not only covers the marketplace and streaming service but also covers creator platforms where people can build on top of each other’s music NFT to create more advanced NFT.

Melos Studio Co-Founders, Yalu and Jim, said:

We are glad to form a partnership with Binance Labs to create an innovative music NFT platform within the Binance ecosystem. We will continue to explore music applications in Web 3.0 to build a utopia for global music fans.

Prior to Binance Labs’ strategic investment, Melos Studio took part in fundings tabled by Dapper Labs, Innovion, NGC Ventures, and Multichain Capital.

Melos Studio leverages blockchain technology for developing “quality music application in Web 3.0.” Melos Studio, via its pioneering NFT technology, captures and offers a thorough play to the true “value of every musical notation.” Melos Studio embraces DAO governance that facilitates creators to get inspired via NFT DNA Tree and collaborations, irrespective of locational or time differences.

The outcome enriches musical artworks’ ecosystem. Via its music-specific Github creation process, Melos Studio works as a unique “social contact method,” letting musicians and fans communicate and share music.

Source : bsctimes

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