Binance Labs Invests in Layer-1 Aptos Chain

As a new and independent project intent on offering a safe and scalable Layer 1, Aptos will certainly be pleased to have Binance Labs on board.

Aptos Receives Binance Labs Backing

Binance Labs has announced its strategic investment in Aptos Labs, a Layer 1 blockchain built by team members behind Diem blockchain. 

The move was confirmed via the Binance blog on March 28 that outlined the motivation of the move as an acceleration of the decentralized ecosystem. Aptos will now work alongside Binance toward growing its ecosystem through development, code review, infrastructure building, hackathons ‘and much more.’

“We believe in the same vision that Aptos sees – building a more reliable and scalable blockchain for everybody,” Head of Binance Labs, Bill Qian stated. “Eventually, the blockchain that can be used by the masses will be able to drive mass adoption of users in a wide variety of applications and accelerate technological and business innovation in those fields. Users can expect a secure and seamless experience of blockchains.”

With Aptos still a new and independent project focused on delivering the safest and most scalable Layer 1, Binance’s support and guidance will be priceless in this regard.


Binance Labs has been clear about its portfolio motivations, and is intent on finding projects that can ‘change the industry.’ This can only be done by onboarding ample users to enjoy its impact. 

“In that perspective, Aptos can contribute to bringing 100 million users to the crypto space with the mission to create universal and fair access to decentralized assets for billions of people”, said Jeffrey Ma, Investment Director at Binance Labs. He added, “We also believe in the expertise that the Aptos Labs team has developed through building the Diem project.”

BSC News will be following closely on Binance Labs’ impact on Aptos’ development in the space. 

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