Binance Labs Invests $4M in Ultimate Champions Fantasy Sports App

Fantasy sports app Ultimate Champions gets multimillion-dollar war chest from Binance Labs to migrate from Polygon to BNB Chain.

Ultimate Champions Set To Move to BNB Chain

Binance Labs has invested $4 million to the fantasy sports app Ultimate Champions to help facilitate the project’s migration from Polygon to BNB Chain.

The new war chest will help Ultimate Champions develop its games and boost its community by developing more sports partnerships. Binance Labs confirmed in a Nove. 15 blog that “Ultimate Champions will be deployed on the BNB Chain and will land on the Binance Fan Token Platform.”

“Ultimate Champions’ ambition is to bring Web3 sports gaming to a wider audience with a fun, accessible, and free-to-play experience,” said Charlie Guillemot, Co-Founder of Ultimate Champions, in the blog. “We are extremely happy to innovate and expand the Web3 sports gaming ecosystem with Binance Labs. Also, we believe that BNB Chain can be the robust platform on which our game can flourish.”

Still in beta mode, Ultimate Champions has partnerships with 45 football clubs across nine major leagues in Europe. Further, the Decentralized Application (dApp) already boasts an exclusive partnership with the top-flight European basketball lead, EuroLeague, and expects to expand into fantasy basketball next year.

“We see the massive potential that Web3 brings to the way sports clubs, players and their fans connect with each other online. On top of using digital collectibles as a medium for fan engagement, Ultimate Champions supports a player-centric gameplay and a walletless [sic] onboarding,” said Alex Odagiu, Investment Director at Binance Labs. “This mechanism not only facilitates more flexible and long-lasting ways for players to engage with their favorite sports clubs, but also makes blockchain gaming ever more accessible. We look forward to working with the Ultimate Champions team to bring greater benefits to gamers of all stripes.”

What is Ultimate Champions:

Ultimate Champions is a free-to-play and cross-league fantasy sports platform with officially licensed digital cards hosted as NFTs. Players can leverage their sports knowledge to earn rewards that hold long-term value in an open economy and have full ownership over the assets they earn or purchase in the games. Ultimate Champions wants to craft a polished player experience and grow to become the go-to fantasy sports platform for all major sports. Its core team has witnessed the rise of blockchain technology and Web3 while developing video games at Ubisoft.

Where to find Ultimate Champions:

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