Binance Joins With Indonesian Billionaires to Launch Joint Project

The news allows Binance to grab influence in the world’s fourth most populous country and one ripe for blockchain growth.

Binance Cementing Power in South East Asia

Binance is making headlines across South East Asia. Along with the attention shown to Binance and its travails in Singapore, the world’s largest crypto exchange is working with prominent Indonesian billionaires to bring a crypto exchange to the world’s largest island nation.

The latest venture seeks to establish a consortium led by MDI Ventures, a venture capital subsidiary of Telkom Indonesia, one of Indonesia largest telecom companies. The news was leaked publicly over the last week but was made official in a press release on Dec. 14th.

“Our ambition at Binance is to grow the blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem globally, and this initiative in Indonesia is a significant step in that direction. With fast technology adoption and strong economic potential, Indonesia could become one of the leading centers of the blockchain and crypto ecosystem in Southeast Asia,” Changpeng “CZ” Zhao, Founder, and CEO of Binance, said in the press release.


Despite multiple reports over the previous week indicating that Binance was in talks with PT Bank Central Asia (BCA)—run by renowned Indonesian billionaires brothers Budi and Michael Hartono—a deal was instead struck with MDI and Telkom Indonesia.

“We are thrilled to name MDI as our latest partner in the region. With their depth of experience in the market, we are confident that we will deliver leading products for users locally,” Zhao continued.

MDI is an $830 million USD enterprise that can play a crucial role in helping bring crypto and blockchain to Indonesians. As an island population of 270 million, it fits an ideal description of beneficiaries to the new technology.  According to the press release, the consortium can bridge access to over 170 million consumers in the country. 

“Cryptocurrencies, crypto assets, and the underlying technology, blockchain, present an undeniably important part of the financial and other digital infrastructures in the future. MDI, as Telkom’s technology investment arm and technology scout, are [sic] very excited to participate in this journey,” added Donald Wihardja, CEO of MDI. “We look forward to growing with Binance and our investment partners, and bridging the opportunities and technologies to Telkom to help upgrade Indonesia’s capabilities in this digital infrastructure.”

The venture fits into a larger strategic plan going into place around the globe. Binance has also worked with European nations and Singapore to grow blockchain technology. 

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