Binance Introduces its 41st Launchpool, Backing the NFPrompt (NFP) Token Initiative

Binance Launches 41st Project: NFPrompt (NFP) Token

In a recent development, Binance introduced the 41st project on Binance Launchpool: NFPrompt (NFP). This project is an AI-driven User Generated Content (UGC) platform tailored for Web3 creators.

NFP Token Farming on Binance Launchpool

With this Launchpool, Binance allows crypto enthusiasts to farm NFP, the native token of the AI-based UGC platform. Users can stake their BNB and stablecoins FDUSD and TUSD in distinct pools over a seven-day NFP token farming period.

The farming activity will commence on Wednesday, December 20. Binance aims to distribute 110,000,000 NFP tokens, which represent 11% of the total token supply, to the participants of the 41st Launchpool. Prospective participants are required to complete standard Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures before engaging in the staking activities.

  • BNB pool: Each user has an hourly hard cap of 52,380.95 NFP.
  • FDUSD and TUSD pools: Each participant has a 6,547.62 cap.

In the BNB pool, participants will collectively share 88,000,000 NFP in rewards, representing 80% of the total bounty. TUSD and FDUSD pool users will share the remaining 20%, precisely 11,000,000 NFP per pool.

Binance will take multiple snapshots of user and total pool balances each hour. User rewards will be consistently updated hourly, enabling participants to accumulate and claim rewards directly from their spot accounts whenever they choose. Binance restricts users from staking tokens in more than one pool simultaneously to maintain fairness.

NFP Listing and Trading Pairs

Binance has provisionally set December 27 as the listing date for NFP. Once live, potential trading pairs will include NFP/BTC, NFP/USDT, NFP/BNB, NFP/FDUSD, NFP/TUSD, and NFP/TRY.

This 41st Binance Launchpool comes precisely eight days after the exchange orchestrated a similar package for Fusionist (ACE) token in the 40th Launchpool.

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