Binance Doubles Down on its Efforts for Ukraine

Binance reaches out to Ukraine and promises assistance in several key areas.

Aid for Ukraine

Changpeng Zhao, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for Binance spoke to Mikhail Fedorov, the Vice Prime Minister, and Minister of Digital Transformation for Ukraine on Friday and promised continued assistance for the besieged nation.

The two leaders spoke on several key areas where Binance can assist Ukraine. Binance promises that apart from the $10 million in donation that was pledged through Binance Charity, there are plans to provide further donations in the future. To date, $10 million is the largest donation to Ukraine by any company for humanitarian relief efforts. 

Source: Binance Charity accounts for the donations to Ukraine in an open and transparent manner 

Other areas that were also discussed in the call were education, sanctions, regulations, and licensing. 


The parties are looking at solidifying a partnership with the Ministry of Digital Transformation (MODT) on educational projects. Binance is prepared to provide the necessary support. Binance shall work alongside MODT to provide online educational courses. 

These educational courses are aimed to help Ukrainians better understand cryptocurrency and to develop their skills in the digital space. According to the data from European Council on Refugees and Exiles, displaced Ukrainians have surpassed 11 million. This is a growing concern as these individuals have left their jobs and will not have the means to fend for themselves. Education is one solution to alleviate this problem. 

Charity Crypto Card

One of the major concerns that were addressed by Binance is to ensure that the aid reaches the intended victims. Binance plans to launch a charity crypto card for displaced Ukrainians that were forced to leave Ukraine. This card will be funded by Binance Charity

Crypto Regulations

Binance also pledges assistance to MODT and the regulators to put proper crypto regulations in place. Cryptocurrency regulations and sanction policies will be implemented and enforced to prevent any violation of these regulations. 

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