Binance Completes 2nd Terra (LUNA) Airdrop

Binance users who held LUNC and USTC tokens when the Terra ecosystem collapsed in May should check to see if they received the recent airdrop of LUNA coins.

Airdrops for Holders Who Had Tokens in May

Check your wallets, Binance users. The world’s largest Centralized Exchange (CEX) just finished the second round of Terra (LUNA) airdrop distribution to users who held Terra Classic (LUNC) and TerraClassicUSD (USTC) in May, when the Terra ecosystem crumbled.

Users qualified for the airdrop by holding the Terra Classic tokens during the two snapshot periods: “Pre-Attack” on May 7 and “Post-Attack” on May 26, according to a Binance announcement.

Source: Binance

See Binance’s distribution plan for the details of the remaining LUNA airdrop distributions, which could occur well into 2027.

“Binance will not publish further announcements on the completion of subsequent Terra (LUNA) airdrops,” according to the statement.

What is Binance:

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